Commander-in-Chief (Wellmoore)

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The Commander-in-Chief of Wellmoore is the individual who exercises supreme command and control over The Armed Forces of Wellmoore.

The Commander-in-Chief of Wellmoore is always a posting held by Wellmoore's Head-of-State.

Commander-in-Chief of The Armed Forces of Wellmoore
Comandante em Chefe
Royal Standard of Wellmoore.svg
Royal Standard of King Luke of Wellmoore
Luke of Wellmoore

since 16th of March 2020
The Armed Forces of Wellmoore
Ministry of Defence
Member ofChiefs of Staff Committee
The Armed Forces of Wellmoore
Reports toMinistry of Defence
Formation16th of March 2020
First holderKing Luke of Wellmoore
DeputyChief of Defence Staff



The role of Commander-in-Chief was founded by King Luke of Wellmoore on the 16th of March 2020 with the foundation of The Armed Forces of Wellmoore.

Role in the Wellmoorean Insurgency

The office of Commander-in-Chief was used by Luke of Wellmoore during the Wellmoorean Insurgency/Crisis in his stint as leader of the Wellmoorean Loyalists.

Role of the Commander-in-Chief

Duties & Powers

The Commander-in-Chief is the highest ranking officer in the Armed Forces of Wellmoore so has a duty to assist the running of the Armed Forces with the Chiefs of Staff Committee.

The Commander-in-Chief may make final decisions with matters relating to the Armed Forces but normally only acts on advice of the Chief of Staff Committee or leaves the decision making to the Chief of Defence Staff and the other Chiefs of Staff.

Ceremonial Role

All members of The Armed Forces of Wellmoore swear an Oath of Allegiance to the Commander-in-Chief before they're allowed to participate in their initial training, respectively.

Ranks Held by the CINC

Holders of the Role

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