Commanding General of the Revolutionary Army of the Sorrenian Federation

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Commanding General of the Revolutionary Army of the Sorrenian Federation
Llewelyn Lawton

since 27/12/14

Founded to head the Revolutionary Army, the position of Commanding General is an influential position in Sorrenia. Initially, the position was purely symbolic, however during the period of Militarization instituted by the Sorrenian Workers Party, the Commanding General began to take an active role in the growing army. General Levi Newman led the army throughout this period, however due to his geographic separation from the army, he was predominantly a strategic leader.

Newman's role as General is a profound one, and is viewed favorably by the majority of Sorrenians. Despite his polarizing political beliefs and actions, he was able to separate his two roles (politician and General), which allowed him to effectively manage the army. His departure was one of mixed feelings, however the government wished Newman luck in his further endeavors. As a result, Llewelyn Lawton was appointed to the leading position.

Llewelyn's appointment was not unexpected. As Lieutenant, he took a very hands-on initiative in the army, leading several expeditions, predominantly by the Sorrenian Recon Force. This continued with further growth of the army, leading many to praise Llewelyn for his role. His leadership however did cause issues, when on the 2nd of March, 2015, the Revolutionary Army staged a "protest", which was a political move by the Sorrenian Commonwealth Party, who had positioned themselves into power of the Navy, due to the prominent power of General Lawton and Admiral Eren Lewis (both members of the party). As a result, President Miles of Sorrenia cited Article 20 of the Constitution, granting him further powers, which he used to suspend the Navy, eventually expelling Eren Lewis, Brooklyn Hewitt and Richard Hytholoday from their respective positions due to their role in the debacle - Lawton was able to remain General, however was reprimanded.

Llewelyn Lawton and Richard Hytholoday also tried to rename the army the "Federal Army of Sorrenia" on the 5th of March, stating that the name unfairly associated with Communism. President Miles defended the name, saying that by its very nature, Sorrenia was revolutionary, and the name did not unfairly discriminate against non-communists. One of the closest votes in the National Assembly, the motion failed to pass, with a vote of 5:6 against, with 2 abstentions and 2 absentees.