Commonwealth Kingdom of Elim

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Commonwealth Kingdom of Elim

National Flag

Coat of Arms

Fontibus haustam integritas abundantia in
(Latin) Wellspring of Prosperity and Integrity
Administrative Seat Elim Hall, Monaco [1]

Official language English

Official religion Christianity

Demonym Elimite

Citizenship Not Published[2]

Government Kingdom, Constitutional Absolute Monarchy
-King Matthaios I
-Dynasty House of Emmaus

-Commonwealth Proclamation 1 January 2017
-Recognition N/A

Currency Elim Denarius (de jure)
United Kingdom Pound (GBP) (de facto)

Time zone GMT +1, no DST

Drives on the Left

ISO 3166 code N/A

Calling code N/A

Elim, officially the Commonwealth Kingdom of Elim, is a self-proclaimed kingdom, currently administered from an unrecognised consulate based in the Principality of Monaco. The Kingdom does not hold sovereign control over any terrestrial land at this time.

Elim was proclaimed as a sovereign state on 1 January 2017 by the founding monarch, King Matthaios I. It is a stated aim of the King for Elim to obtain its own sovereign territory upon which to to develop a functioning city-state or microstate

As a brand new nation, Elim has a small, stable economy, but is almost entirely reliant on the Royal House for the generation of Commonwealth revenue. Elim is not a member nation of any inter-governmental organisation and has not been recognised as a sovereign state by any other internationally recognised nation state.



  1. Elim Hall holds the status of "The Royal Representative Office", by Letters Patent. Commonwealth Representative Offices are the titles given to unrecognised consulates, and the Royal Representative Office signifies the office from which the King administers Government.
  2. Citizenship is closed. Denizenship is available to potential future citizens, though figures are not released by Elim Hall