Commonwealth of Faltree

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"Faltree" redirects here, for the nation's predecessor, see "State of Faltree"

Commonwealth of Faltree
Flag of Commonwealth of Faltree
Coat of arms of Commonwealth of Faltree
Coat of arms
Anthem: "Einheitsfrontlied"
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional parliamentary popular-front democracy
• Lord-Secretary
Hunt Powell
• Premier
Owen Bean
LegislatureFaltrian People's Soviet
• Formation
29 July 2023
• 2023 estimate
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright
Preceded by
State of Faltree

The Commonwealth of Faltree, often informally known as Faltree, is an independent sovereign state, commonly referred to as a micronation by outside observers. It was established on the 29 July 2023, by Hunt Powell with assistance from prominent politicians from the State of Faltree. The Commonwealth of Faltree is a founding member of the International Workers Congress.


Faltree comes from a portmanteau of fall and tree, coming from the fact that Faltree has a large number of fallen trees. Everywhere in Faltree there is an abundance of trees and general flora.



The Commonwealth of Faltree was founded primarily by Hunt Powell, with assistance from Connor Shaw, Asher Young, Fredrick M., Matthew Laptev, and Jonathan Gundy. The Commonwealth gains its legitimacy from the collaboration of these individuals, including the former Commander of Faltree, two Interior Ministers, and multiple government ministers. The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Faltree was written on 1 August 2023, which now constitutes the government of Faltree.

Government and politics

The Commonwealth of Faltree is a constitutional parliamentary popular-front democracy[1] headed by Lord-Secretary Hunt Powell, and the Premier of the Commonwealth of Faltree is Owen Bean. The Faltrian People's Soviet serves as the legislative branch of the Commonwealth of Faltree and is comprised of deputies from every Faltrian province. The Faltrian Left Front serves as the ruling popular front for the Commonwealth of Faltree, similar to the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea. The current government is comprised of a coalition between the Faltrian Railroad Association and the Radical Social-Distributism Party under the Premiership of Owen Bean.

Members of government

Political parties

Political parties in the Faltrian Left Front
Status Party Logo Leader Political position Ideology Deputies in the Faltrian Soviet State-Ministers Provincial Governors
Sections within the Faltrian Left Front
Owen Bean Premiership
Constitutional Democratic Party CDP Owen Bean Centre-left Civic Nationalism, Environmentalism, Technocracy, Market Socialism
5 / 9
2 / 4
1 / 3
Radical Socialism-Distributism Party RSDP Hunt Powell Left-wing Socialism, Distributism, Faltrian Unity, Labor Rights, Anti-Capitalism
4 / 9
2 / 4
1 / 3
Logan Ferguson as FLF opposition leader
Communist Party of Faltree CPF Logan Ferguson Far-left Maoism, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Anti-Zionism, Chairman Gonzalo Thought, Progressivism
0 / 9
0 / 4
1 / 3
Faltrian Social Democracy Party FSDP Anthony G. Centre-left Social Democracy, Left-wing Democracy, Democratic Socialism, Worker's Rights
0 / 9
0 / 4
0 / 3
Revolutionary Socialist Front RSF Luciferio Mickomik Far-left Libertarian Socialism, Pantherism, Anti-Theocracy, Radical Satanism
0 / 9
0 / 4
0 / 3
(Members of the Faltrian Left Front not aligned to any party)
Unaligned N/A N/A N/A Big-tent Socialism, Anti-fascism
0 / 9
0 / 4
0 / 3



The Commonwealth of Faltree consists of three provinces, Breuckelen, Winthrop-Fairfax, and Wellington.

Province Location Population Area Capital Provincial Governor
Province of Breuckelen New York 20 0.53 km² Wyckoff Provincial Governor Logan Ferguson (CPF)
Province of Winthrop-Fairfax Rhode Island
20 2.2 km² Miskatonic Provincial Governor Michael Gorbinson (CDP)
Province of Wellington Alberta
25 1.43 km² Charbonneau Provincial Governor Jonathan Gundy (RSDP)


Cities of Faltree are located within provinces and serve as capitals of provinces. Faltree has 6 cities.

City Location Area
Wyckoff Eastern Breuckelen 0.11 km²
Calvert-Vaux Western Breuckelen 0.42 km²
Miskatonic Northern Winthrop-Fairfax 0.53 km²
Mumin Southern Winthrop-Fairfax 1.67 km²
Charbonneau Western Wellington 1.40 km²
Snowden Eastern Wellington 0.03 km²


Districts are territorial possessions of the Commonwealth of Faltree, often lacking any population and established by decree.

Territory Location Population Area
District of Chepiwanoxet Rhode Island 0 0.05 km²
Provisional District of Trafford Pennsylvania 0 TBA


The Commonwealth of Faltree is nominally a socialist state but lacks any sort of state-owned production, therefore having a practically non-existent economy.


Faltree is home to many cultures, ethnic groups, and religions, all of which have the right to free expression within the Commonwealth. Faltree primarily speaks English.


The Commonwealth has numerous citizen-owned non-profit media collectives, such as the Wyckoff Times, FTRTV, Union, and the satirical publication The Beetroot.


Date Name Notes
1 January New Year's Day First day of the Gregorian calendar
26 July American Failure Day Day honoring the 26th of July Movement, which overthrew the American-backed government of Fulgencio Batista
29 July Commonwealth Day Day honoring the establishment of the Commonwealth of Faltree
4 September Labour Day Day honoring the Faltrian proletariat, unrelated to the American labour day

Foreign relations

Formal relations, treaties signed

The following nations are formally recognized and have had treaties signed, cementing their relations with Faltree.

Informal relations

The following nations have not had formal conventions, but there are notable unofficial relations between them and Faltree.

Former relations

The following nations were, at some point, recognized, but recognition and diplomacy was withdrawn, or the state(s) have been dissolved.

Unilateral recognition

The following micronations and macronations are recognized by Faltree as legitimate.

Recognition refused

The following nations are not recognized by Faltree as legitimate, with a reason given.