Communist State of Bir Tawil

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The Communist State of Bir Tawil
Flag of Communist State of Bir Tawil
Official languagesEnglish, Arabic
Recognised regional languagesArabic
Demonym(s)Bir Tawilian
GovernmentDemocratic Socialism
• J.Banister
EstablishmentApril 3, 2022
• 2022 census
31 Citizens
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
10 USD
Currencythe Bir Tawilian Mark
Time zoneUTC+2, UTC-6 (Central Africa Time, Eastern Standard time)
Today part ofSudan/Egypt

The Communist State of Bir Tawil or (CSBT) for short is a nation in between Egypt and Sudan involving a border dispute which nether nation wants the land known as Bir Tawil. Bir Tawil is was created on march 2022 and Bir Tawil the government has a flag a constitution laws and positions filled with people and even Currency the Bir Tawilian Mark Worth 1.65 USD per mark. At the time of this writing the CSBT has 24 Citizens. The CSBT Flag has yellow at the top representing the the sun in the sky black in the middle representing the the ground and orange at the bottom representing the magma below the earths crust it also has a triangle to the left representing the hills and mountains terrain found in Bir Tawil as well as the Communist emblem.


Marie Byrd Land

The CSBT is a very large nation bigger than Mongolia is has a surface area of 1,612,060 KM² Most of this land comes from Marie Byrd Land (MBL) for short a strip of land in antarctica, the CSBT purchased MBL from a friend who claimed it we paid 5 BTM for it or $8.25 USD


CSBT Space Program

The CSBT Space Program is a ongoing program which involves Rockets and Rocket development the reason for these activities is to reach the goal of 15,000 feet the furthest the CSBT has gone is 1600 Ft almost 10 times less than are goal but the CSBT expects lager improvements with the experimental rocket AEOLUS V which is the firth rocket in a experimental rocket lineup used to lean and push the limits for the largest and most powerful rockets the CSBT can make with materials and funds given many of these rockets have failed but this is not a failure in its own right as it teaches us on how to improve on the next one. The CSBT has the largest and most advanced and most powerful space program of any micronation we pride our selves on this fact and we hope to shatter our goal by hundreds if not thousand's maybe even Space a "Spaceshot" would cost thousands of USD and take years to make but is a secondary long-term goal.

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