Comrade's Bar

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Comrade's Bar
Facts and statistics:
Address: Downstairs Polis Door #1
State of Polis, People's Republic of Richland
Opening date: 30 March 2009
Total space: 400 square feet
Permanent shows: "Richie Richland"
Signature attractions: Live Music and Gambling
type: Bar/Casino
Owner: The National Government of Richland

Comrade's Bar is located in the The State of Polis. It is owned by the The National Government of Richland. It is usually most busy on Friday nights. The Bar is for having a bonding with other countrymen. It has became the main vocal point of Richland. It is currently the main producer of Ikon the National Drink. The bar plays older music. On Fridays the music is big band and swing. Otherwise the bar is playing classic rock. Many government officials wear sport jackets or collar shirts. One of the musical acts playing is Richie Richland or Richard Vincent who sings many Swing genre songs.

The Bar was opened in early 2009 when the Richland government was communist, although the name still holds value that shows are brotherhood.

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