Natlandist State of the ComradeMr Republic

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ComradeMr Republic
Flag of Natlandist State of the ComradeMr Republic
Coat of arms of Natlandist State of the ComradeMr Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: Under Freedom, We Live!
Anthem: Natlandism to the People
CapitalComradeMr Republic City
Official languagesEnglish
ComradeMr Republican
GovernmentNatlandist republic; figurehead monarchy
• Executive Director/Figurehead King
Matthew Burklandssen
LegislatureLegislature of ComradeMr Republic
EstablishmentApril 3, 2011 (Founding)
June 27th, 2011 (Natlandism introduced)
• Census
CurrencyLacks currency
Time zoneComrader Time Zone(CTZ) (UTC-5:09)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
ComradeMr Republic#Second Democratic Era
Burklandi Authority

The ComradeMr Republic was a micronation established on April 3, 2011. Hosted on ComradeMr's YouTube page,[2] it was governed as a Natlandist Republic with ComradeMr Republic City as the former capital city. The nation was a one-party state but it allowed other parties. On June 2, 2012, Citizen of the ComradeMr Republic was added the title of members of the Order of Puglisi.


First Democratic Era


Matthew Burklandssen had previously started a micronation in his bedroom but it was decided it wasn't it wasn't enough. He had discovered MicroWiki and thought it was a great place to start a new micronation.

On May 2011, the flag of the ComradeMr Republic changed because Leader Matthew Burklandssen didn't like the rectangular shape of flags. However, he had the flag changed again in June 2011 just before "The Rebirth."

The "Rebirth"

On June 13, 2011, the Meritocratic Party had received a seat in the Legislature. The National Anthem had also changed, and the Second Legislature was starting.

However de facto, the seat claimed by the Meritocrats was not in use, as the Meritocratic Party has no active members.

1 Minute Dictatorship

Before 22:30 UTC, ComradeMr I had attempted a fascist dictatorial reformation of the state at 22:30 minute, this was done offline. The dictatorship was created because it was considered was too late for an April Fools' Joke. This showed the lack of seriousness in the former ComradeMr Republic.

Second Democratic Era

On 22:31 UTC, ComradeMr I led a revolution against himself and everything went back to the previous state of Democracy.

Natlandist revolution

The ComradeMr Republic adopted Natlandism as a system of governance on June 27, 2011. Later, Natlandism was abandoned and the nation's name changed to the Marxist People's Republic of Burkland because the name was considered "selfish."

Foreign policy

The ComradeMr Republic recognized all active Micronations and Macronations. Antarctic claims were also recognized.

Micronations recognized


The ComradeMr Republic ran on a de facto Dominant party state, with the Natlandist Peoples' Party retaining all power. The other party is ideologically Meritocratic. The founder of the ComradeMr Republic, (Matthew Burklandssen) is a Communist, yet the State of the ComradeMr Republic was Natlandist.


April 3: Founding Day
May 1: May Day
June 27: Natlandist Day



Flag of Mainland.

Mainland was the centre of Antarctica covering 50 km2 and contained ComradeMr Republic City, the capital of the ComradeMr Republic.


Flag of Kingsland.

This was the area that were the king and president (both the same person) reigned.

National Anthems

Both are to the tune of L'Internationale.

The national anthem

We are fighting the reactionaries without violence;
for love is part of the battle.
Long live people and freedom!

Natlandism for micronations forever more,
we have a long way to go to make us purely Natlandist.

We do not give power to any who hate freedom and liberties;
Orwellianism is illegal here!

The Song of the President

Long live the president

References and notes

  1. Only one was active in Comrader affairs.