Confederate States of Prosperity

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The Confederate States of Prosperity
New CSP flag.PNG
Motto: Onwards, We Prosper!
[[File:Burnham, Freedomia, Agnorr, New Winterdown, Novadal, Knoll Island Empire|frameless|upright=1.15]]
CapitalSaints Rest, SPR
Largest cityCapital District, Agnorr
Official languagesEnglish, Prospekh, Gerenian, Yonderjilc, Haevs, Freihetian
EstablishmentAugust 25th, 2012
Time zoneEastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, GMT
Preceded by
Succeeded by
St. Peters Republic
Saint Luke and Amager
New Nevada
Republic of Agnorr
New Winterdown
Würtige Empire
New Winterdown
New Israel

The Confederate States of Prosperity, Confederated States of Prosperity or CSP (IPA: /kənˈfedrətɪd ˈsteɪts əv prɑˈsperətiː/) was a transcontinental confederation of micronations located in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Antarctica. The Confederation had 7 states at its peak, 4 of which where in PROSP-R when the idea started and 3 who joined later.

The CSP was a large confederation with over 120 citizens from 8 micronations, in multiple macronations. The land claims generally were urbanized areas in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The only President of the Confederation was St. Peters Republic President, Richard Cunningham, who was elected in a 2 and a half week 2012 Confederate Presidential Election. The Order of Gustavus won by 2 votes against the Order of the Penguin and the Guild for Hope finished in last place with 7 votes.


The confederation was unofficially founded on February 20, 2012 with minor talks being held by the St. Peters Republic, the Republic of Lostisland and the Republic of Agnorr. Havnesgade-Amager and the Lurk Federation where added into the talks in Early March, the Republic of Lostisland and the Lurk Federation opted out of joining the confederation and remained observers. On the 25th August, the New Nevada applied to join the CSP, this was subsequently accepted by Parliament.

On the 15th of October 2012, New Nevada left the CSP.

An Idea

The idea first came along to form a Federation or Confederation with members of the now defunct trade group PROSP-R. Talks where originally held between the St. Peters Republic, Agnorr and the Republic of Lostisland but then Havensgade-Amager and the Lurk Federation where also apart of the talks. The idea wasn't appealing to the Lurk Federation and the Republic of Lostisland so they opted out of joining the Confederation.

Serious talks began in April 2012 with leaders from Freihetia, Novadal and New Winterdown joining in on the discussions.

Elections and Going Public

2012 Election

In July 2012 the nations of the CSP began talks of an election. 3 parties formed, the Order of Gustavus founded by Richard Cunningham, the Order of the Penguin founded by Paco Velazquez and finally the Guild for Hope founded by James R. Frisch. The first steps where being taken to become an actual Confederation, by the end of July, the election date was set.

The elections started on August 4, 2012 and where set to end on the 19th of August. On August 19, 2012, the final results would of been a tie, although Freedomia fully joined CSP and the end date was pushed to the 23rd of August. Only 2 votes out of 52 citizens came in from Freedomia, both votes where for Richard Cunningham. He was now the 1st President of the Confederated States of Prosperity.

Going Public

The Confederated States of Prosperity was set to be announced on August 25, 2012 at the St. Albans Conference, but the conference was cancelled (a smaller conference was held later in London) and the CSP went public by a post on the MicroWiki Forums by acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, James R. Frisch.[1] The nation was generally received well with no negative comments.


After a few months, the CSP had become inactive. At the same time, a lot of CSP ministers had started talking with Arthur Lobão of Würdigeland. New Nevada and Amager left the Confederation. With the CSP falling apart, many decided to leave and join the Würtige Empire. However, Markus II of Freedomia responded to this notion with hostility, making claims that the other states were "destroying the CSP". The Regional Dominion of Burnham, Knoll Island Empire and Agnorr (as a constituent of Knoll) joined the Würtige Empire, with Freihetia and New Winterdown becoming independent and Novadal becoming part of New Winterdown.

Politics & Government

The only president of the Confederated States of Prosperity was Richard Hytholoday, founder of the Order of Gustavus. Elections would have been held every 2 years for President and the ministers would have changed as each President comes and goes. There were 2 political parties in the CSP at the end, each with 4 members in Parliament.

Political Parties

Logo Party Founded Number of Members Head
Liberal Nationalist Party 2012 6 ? Richard Hytholoday
GreenLeft.png GreenLeft CSP 2012 3 Paco Velazquez

Government Figures

The government was LED by the President, Parliament and the appointed Ministers.


The President would have been elected every year by the citizens, he is generally the most important person in the Confederation. The President made important decisions regarding the welfare of the Confederation's citizens. The only President of the CSP was Richard Hytholoday, President of the Regional Dominion of Burnham who was elected in the first general election of the Confederation.

Parliament and House of Leaders

Parliament consists of 4 members from each party, they meet to pass laws and bills. Most ideas are formed during discussions in Parliament. The former House of Leaders is a house consisting of the leaders of each micronation, but it has become an emergency government room in case of crisis.. There are currently 7 members of the House of Leaders.


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