Confederation dollar

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Confederation dollar
1 dollar coin
PluralConfederation dollars
Symbol$ / C-D[note 1]
NicknameBlue whale
Date of introduction2010
User(s)None, formerly:
Confederation of Awesome
Central bankTreasury Department of the Confederation of Awesome
MintDavetopia Mint, Province Mint
Pegged withUS Dollar
This infobox shows the latest status before this currency was rendered obsolete.
  1. Fisrt based on the list of micronations by official currency, the second on the currency page

The Confederation Dollar is the currency of the Confederation of Awesome. The Confederation Dollar trades at the same value of a US dollar, since it costs 1 US dollar to make. The Symbol is C-D and the proposed ISO 4217 Code is CAD. All Confederation Dollars are minted in one of the two national mints- the Davetopia Mint or the Province Mint. The US Dollar is still accepted within the Confederation.


The idea of a separate banknote had been discussed in the Confederation, but was considered impractical. However, it was proposed by Dave Gomez to create a national currency. His bill was originally voted down, however, Prime Minister Brendon Weston modified it. He added that the currency be a print of a whale, one of the national animals. These whale prints were already used as an unofficial currency among several members of the antion. These prints cost a dollar to purchase, which would thus give the currency some intrinsic value. The Confederation Dollar was made legal tender in the Currency and Labour Act of 2010. Currently, the currency is still in the process of being circulated throughout the economy.

Coins and Image

The coinage of the Confederation Dollar features the whale print on the front and the numerical amount and name on the back. For coins in higher value than one dollar, that coin is backed in that number of prints. These official coins are mostly for show at this point- most day-to-day business is just done in prints.