Confederation of Ruisseau

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Confederation of Ruisseau
Flag of Confederation of Ruisseau
Coat of arms of Confederation of Ruisseau
Coat of arms
Motto: Vive Ruisseau et Fleuve eternale!
Anthem: Marche Nationale
Map of the Creek
Map of the Creek
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish (de facto, unofficial)
Demonym(s)Creek Folk
GovernmentFeudal Monarchy
• Prince
Jean Jeannienne
• Prince de la Diet.
Jay III Jeannienne
John II Neuberry
Charles IV Neuberry
Jean II Jeannienne
LegislatureHigh Council
EstablishmentJanuary 2nd 2019
• Census
CurrencyUS dollar
Time zonePacific Standard Time


The name was modeled after the French puppet the Confederation of the Rhine and is based around the San Diego Creek, the word Ruisseau means "Creek" in French


Ruisseau was made after its leader, Shahan II's sudden resurgence in the micronational community and sudden interest. Ruisseau began as a nation centered around just the Creek but later expanded to a forest area "exclave" and an exclave, the Palace. It was brought into existence by the signing of the Constitution of Ruisseau The Ruisseauan Civil War destabilized the realm severely.

Later, Ruisseau was "re-branded" by changing its flag to what it currently is today. Ruisseau's government thought the flag was too "unoriginal" and as the nation.

Foreign Relations

🇺🇳 All Members of the United Nations are recognized as Sovereign States
🇨🇳 China is a denounced nation for mistreatment of Uyghurs
🇷🇺 Russia is denounced and unrecognized for its Invasion of Ukraine + Crimea

Ruisseau's ministry of Foreign Affairs is run by a friend and colleague of the Prince, whose name we chose not to reveal to the public. Diplomacy with other nations is done on Discord or other media platforms.


(Awaiting Census Results)


The Parliament is the legislative body of Ruisseau and makes most of its decisions.


Ruisseau hopes to be a force to clean up the San Diego Creek as it has visible pollution and does not look so appealing, Ruisseau also hopes to accomplish the task of introducing marine life to the creek. Ruisseau's government will do this through support from other nations and science and natural procedures.

Military and Armed Forces

The creekside nation focuses on establishing a navy of "patrol-boats" to watch for polluters and vandalism of the creek. Ruisseau's army uses NERF guns and Airsoft weapons but believes in nonlethal items in war situations.


The Constitution of Ruisseau has 11 pages but not all of them are filled, they describe rights entitled to citizens and members of government. As well as the Army code of Conduct, describing the rights and powers entitled to the Army and the Staff of the army.


Arms Picture Name Population Official(s)
Laskaridia March 8, 2022 0 Permanent Representative
John of Neuberry
Shahan II
Provincial Lands
Lassileons March 8, 2022 8 Representative
John of Neuberry
Sacre March 8, 2022 0 Representative
Comte Sere
Lumière Jan. 4 2022 (I.P.T) Mar 8. 2022 (R.T) 4 Representative
John of Neuberry
Fasoinberg Mar. 8 2022 8+


Lassileons was a standard provincial territory under a royal duchy, no one yet lives there or governs the area. It is consisted of an Island along the river, and is fertile land, but no crops are grown there due to heavy flooding in rain season, the province also extends into the jungle and heavily forested area of the forest.


Sacre also sometimes spelled as San Crey was a standard provincial territory under a lordship which controls the territory of the Sand Passage routes and a panhandle into an abandoned fortress. The Area is very important as it was used to transport wooden sticks accommodating for nearly a third of the economy of Ruisseau. Sacre also controlled a brief part bordering Lassileons


Lumiere was a Royal Crown Land because it accommodated for the palace, and the territory not used by other provinces. During the Great October Storm heavy flooding was documented in the area, with floodwater having built up against a natural mound of dirt, and rock, records show that the height of the pile of water reached up to 7 feet in height, and was later broken and flowed south outside of territory, the area is known for its wood industry that fuels Ruisseau alongside Sacre.


Main Article: Laskaridia
Laskaridia was the capital territory of Ruisseau and is the seat of power, but it was not the residence of any government officials, it was only a declared place where the Royal Council of the Commonwealth and Empire

Picture of Laskaridia

Members of Government

Statue of Shahan II on Daimont hill



Ruisseauan food consists of various items such as pancakes, and Indian Cuisine, as well as other diverse cuisine options. Food is a large part of Ruisseau and is a bonding item for its citizens


Most of Ruisseau is originating from the Indian Subcontinent.