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The Conference of Santiago Cabinet (Portuguese: Gabinete da Conferência de Santiago, Spanish: Gabinete de la Conferencia de Santiago, French: Bureau de Conférence de Santiago) is the executive branch of the Conference of Santiago, composed by seven secretariats headed by the Secretary-General and responsible for proposing legislation, enforcing CS laws and directing the Conference's multiple administrative operations. The secretaries are appointed by the Secretary-General and are mostly autonomous on their developments and are accountable primarily to the Secretary-General, but also to the Plenary.


During the 6th Conference of Santiago Summit, in 13 December 2020, the Plenary of the Conference voted for the creation of secretariats to deal with a variety of issues, granting greater scope of action and autonomy to the members of the Conference, still acting in a cohesive manner under the supervision of the Secretary General. The secretaries are invited to assume the portfolios and, if accepted, are appointed by the Secretary General, under the scrutiny of the Plenary.

Secretariats include:

  • Secretariat of Culture: Responsible for promote culture, celebrate the differences of cultures at the Conference and create cultural events.
  • Secretariat of Diversity: Respomsible for promoting the diversity and integration of peoples and minorities rights.
  • Secretariat of Micronational Assistance: Responsible for give assistance to micronational begginers and promote micronationalism.
  • Secretariat of Health: Responsible for promote health standarts and informations.
  • Secretariat of Public Relations: Reponsible for promote and represent the Conference of Santiago internationally .
  • Secretariat of Economy: Responsible for heading the Financial Authority, develop and administrate the Conference of Santiago's economic policy.
  • Secretariat of Environment: Responsible for promote environment preservation and environmental policiy.

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