Conor I of Fontasia

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His Royal Majesty
Conor Newman

Konor Newuwan (Fontasian)
King of Fontasia
In office
1 March 2022 - 2 June 2023
Praetor Joseph Montgomery
Dillon Fletcher
Joseph Montgomery
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Emperor of All Assemblias
In office
25 August 2015 - 5 February 2022
Predecessor Office established
Successor Joseph I (ceremonially)
Patron of Ergatism
In office
9 September 2022 - 10 April 2023
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Head of the Third Assemblic Federation
In office
24 October 2022 - 2 June 2023
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Personal information
Born 7 October 2006 (2006-10-07) (age 16)
United States w:United States
Citizenship United States of America
Political party Independent (as of 2023)
Residence Westborough, MA
Religion Roman Catholic
Military service
Nickname(s) Conor the Defiant
Allegiance Kingdom of Fontasia
Service/branch Fontasian Defense Forces
In service 2022 - 2023
Rank Supreme Commander (2022-2023)
Commands Supreme Commander of the Fontasian Defense Forces
Awards Order of the Corrigithian Sun, Badge of the Revolutionaries

His Royal Majesty, King Conor I Newman of Fontasia, (born October 2006) is the former King of Fontasia, Patron of Ergatism, Head of the Third Assemblic Federation and Emperor of Assemblia. During his time in micronationalism he was known by many nicknames and shortened names, most notably Conor Newman, his royal nickname of Conor the Defiant and by his discord username Sauce. Konor Newuwan is his name in the Fontasian language, Conorius I is his Latin name. He was the patriarch of the House of Newman, the longest continually reigning micronational royal dynasty in the New England Sector before it’s dissolution in June of 2023.

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, and the oldest of two siblings, he would become a prominent figure in the micronational community. He is also a self-described politician, a military strategist, philosopher, author and lacrosse player. He was the self-proclaimed “most powerful micronational monarch in the New England Sector” until his departure from the community on 2 June 2023.

Early life

Conor Newman was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in October 2006. For the first two years of his childhood, he would be an only child until his brother and sister were born. Living in the suburbs of Worcester all his life even to the modern day. Conor developed a micronation as early as 2015, being known as the Assemblic Empire, although he wouldn't realize the existence of micronationalism until late 2016. The Assemblic civilization, the term he deemed it developed and expanded across central Massachusetts.

Micronational career

In September 2018, the Assemblic Empire began diplomacy with other micronations, most notably the former United Provinces of Natlin. For a few months, Conor was a small figure in the then-thriving YouTube Sector. He was present in the Sovakstan Crisis in late 2018, and nearly went to war on the side of the United Land of Noastan. However, in early 2019 the Assemblic Empire's YouTube channel was deleted by Conor and a period of isolation began.

Conor only returned to the micronational community in July 2021, joining Discord for the first time under the username "Sauce." Him and the Second Assemblic Federation, the current iteration of his micronation at the time joined several organizations such as the Micronational Assembly and Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations. This only lasted until September, when Conor made an abrupt exit from the micronational community for personal reasons, causing panic in the Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations.

In early October, Conor returned to the community after the "Month-Long Disappearance." Under the username "Sauce2," the Second Assemblic Federation rapidly gained influence in the community. Relations with other micronations developed quickly, most evidently the Empire of Meritia and the Kingdom of Scynja. Conor joined forces with the Nexan Republic in the fight against Almendria in mid-October, who were conducting devastating cyberattacks on unsuspecting servers. This was the first time ever in nearly four years that an Assemblian micronation was involved with an intermicronational conflict. During this time, Conor built good relations with the Rocky Mountain Confederation and Alliance of the Micronations. Into November, the Second Assemblic Federation came into many small quarrels with other micronations and organizations, though none proved to be extremely influential. In the Microwiki Discord server he was a controversial figure, as frequently he came into disagreement with administration there. In early December 2021, Conor participated in the peaceful removal of McKay C from power as Chairman in the Rocky Mountain Confederation and was one of the founding member states of the Organization of Free Nations. In December, Conor renamed his username to "Sauce3" and participated in the many crises in the Alliance of the Micronations and was subsequently banned from the organization. He also participated in the multiple coups in the Almendrian discord server, spying for the Nexan Republic and allies.

In early 2022, Conor was present in the Zepranan Crisis, taking a number of sides against and for the Republic of Zeprana in the many coups that happened in their Discord server. In February, Conor reinforced his harsh criticism of Terry McKeen as the Dilu Island Dispute unfolded into a major intermicronational crisis. Going into March he became both even more controversial and powerful in the micronational community. In late March he was present in yet another crisis in the Alliance of the Micronations and also was a leading commander of the Allied Powers against Terry McKeen during the Dilu War, which only lasted a few days until Terry McKeen was driven out of the community. More controversy in the Alliance of the Micronations happened which lead to Conor's discord username to be changed to "Sauce4" in April. In May and June 2022, Newman became more affluent and controversial by turning against Terry McKeen multiple times until finally deciding he was his friend. Newman became more and more controversial, being well-known across the community for his notorious behavior. Associated with Tizian Aruna and Terry McKeen, he became one of the top controversial micronationalists as of July 2022. Into July, Newman was for a period betrayed by McKeen and Aruna. The resulting actions Newman took were openly undermining the United Kingdom of the Bayou, which McKeen was an active participant in. This culminated when Newman leaked screenshots of Charles Madgett and Terry McKeen planning and nuking the Pontunian discord server to allow for the Bayou to form. This destroyed Fontasian-Elarian relations, but further proved Newman's capabilities, as the Bayou collapsed shortly after they were exposed. Newman considered the leakings as an accomplishment rather than a detriment, and claimed it further proved Fontasian superiority over the Elarian peoples. Newman then renamed his discord username to "Sauce5" shortly afterwards.

Into August, Newman frequently sparred with Terry McKeen and other associated micronationalists. On 15 August the first Fontasian discord server was deleted by Newman due threats that it was reported by raider groups. A new Fontasian server was quickly re-established.

In June of 2023, Conor I would declare his departure from the micronational community, rendering the Kingdom of Fontasia as defunct, and abandoning years of close relations with several micronations, much to their disapproval.

Personal life

King Conor is known to do numerous activities in his freetime, such as hiking in the nearby wilderness, writing, biking, swimming in the summer months and going to the gym. He goes to an American High School, in which he "claimed" for Fontasia to avoid the issues of going to a foreign school. He is an honor roll student as of Freshman year and plays lacrosse on the varsity team. Conor also works at a grocery store as a cashier.

Conor is of Irish, Italian, German and English ancestry. He is in the third generation of his family living in North America, as his ancestors immigrated from County Galway, Ireland in the early 1900s. He identifies as a straight male, and does not endorse LGBTQ+ beliefs.

Political Beliefs

Conor until 2023 was a self-declared Ergatist, a follower of the ideology he established known as Ergatism. As an Ergatist he supported several conservative and libertarian values. Conor will be eligible to vote in the 2024 United States Presidential Elections, as he has citizenship in the United States. Currently, he plans on voting for the Republican Party.

On 9 September 2022, he declared himself the Patron of Ergatism, making him the ceremonial leader of the ideology.

Conor was known to be heavily supportive of the Pars Tolerantia! movement in later months following the dissolution of Ergatism, and he supported the radical removal of societal idiocy from modern society.

Leadership Positions abroad

Conor was a notable Fontasian politician, and during his micronational career was a leading official in several micronational governments abroad. He most notably served as the chairman of several Ergatist parties in Scynja, Faltree and Meritia until the dissolution of the ideology in early 2023.


Notable Quotes

"A smart man fears no idiot, and when he does, he is the idiot himself."

"When you can't play your cards, just reshuffle the entire card deck."

"Do as a common man, think like a King."

"A wise man speaks not in words, but in silence."

"Live life by reason, never by choice."

"You're useless."

"Iron rusts."

"The human being is the greatest invention, and the greatest weapon."

Quotes on micronationalism, politics and Fontasia

"A King shall not fear his own people, for if he does, he is not worthy of being King."

"The Zepranans, Almendrians and all who oppose are loathsome for our state for its progress and beacon of hope."

"Our country will follow no other, as we are a self-determined kind."

"If a man does not know how to play with fire, someday he shall surely be burned."

''Micronations abroad will not fear Fontasia for its might or influence but its resounding questioning of those who promote their arrogant influence through fear or conquest."

"A society without liberal elements is a horse with no legs. Progress to the future must endure inevitably and indefinitely."

"Ergatism shall be the pouring of the Second Flood. We shall wash away the degenerancy of indulgence and luxury present in the modern day and resurrect the old ways of doing."

"There is man and woman, and no in-between."

"Your brothers are turning queer, your sisters into whores, and nothing is being done. This is true insanity."

Royal Style of King Conor I

The Royal Style, or the official title of the King of Fontasia had both a shorter and longer version, the latter being used for more ceremonial purposes.

Short Style

His Royal Majesty, King Conor I of Fontasia and Corrigithia


Long Style

His Royal Majesty King Conor I, King Of Fontasia and Corrigithia, heir to the omnipotent throne of the Newman Dynasty, Chieftain Of The Fontasians, King of the Norumbegans, Defender of the Texts, the Faith and the Empire, Lord-Protector of all other Realms, Knight of the Order of the Impardux, Serpent and Sword. Head of the Federation, Duke of Assemblia, Krigan and Massadoria and Prince of Rentam. Hetman of all of Corrigithia and Atvan. Most High Patron of all Ergatism. Our true autocrat and sovereign protector. So help me god.


Awards and Honors

 Fontasia-Order of the Corrigithian Sun

 Fontasia-Badge of the Revolutionaries

 Fontasia-Order of the High Fields

 Melite-Dilu Battalion Ribbon