Conquest of New Persia

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The Phoklandian conquest of New Persia was an event that took place in the town of Gilbert, Arizona. The event took place as the result of an attempt by the Principality of Phokland to establish a colony on a small stretch of shore front land bordering Lake Rhyddid.

Conquest of New Persia
Conflict: The Great Phoklandian Expansion
Date: 14 December 2017 - 27 April 2018
Place: Socratian Territory of New Persia
Outcome: Partial Annexation of New Persia.
Principality of Phokland Socratian Territory of New Persia
Prince Charles I Admiral Lisa M. Ross
3 Soldiers, 8 Pocket Knives, 1 Observer 1 Soldier, 1 Attack Dog
0 0

Background Information

On the morning of December 14, 2017 The Principality of Phokland (in an attempt to solidify it's land claims) attempted to purchase and later annex several small properties within and surrounding the city of Gilbert, Arizona. Among the properties chosen for annexation was the Socratian Territory of New Persia. The initial problem facing this decision, was that New Persia was not a property that was purchasable but was instead an uninhabited part of the neighborhood of Stonebridge Lakes (where the capital of Phokland is located). This caused concern as the government of Phokland was not prepared to launch an invasion. However, (ignoring this fact) Prince Charles I (then Prime Minister) ordered the landing of three Phoklandian Coast Guardsmen armed with eight pocket knives on the area of land via Lake Rhyddid. This was possible as Lake Rhyddid connected the Phoklandian Province of Greenlandia with New Persia. The overall goal of this operation was to conquer New Persia, then negotiate with the neighborhood Homeowner's Association for the use of the land by Phokland.

First Invasion

At 4:00pm (MST) on December 15, 2017 the Phoklandian Coast Guard ship, the P.C.G. Langston carried the three troops (including the Prince) to New Persia. Once arrived, the troops "dug in" to their position by digging small "fox holes" and arranging the native plant life into makeshift fortifications.

New Persian Resistance

Land held by Phokland during The Great Phoklandian Expansion

Discovering this invasion, Stonebridge Lakes' Association member (and Prince Mother), former Admiral Lisa M. Ross launched a counter assault against the entrenched Phoklandian soldiers by contacting the Prince (who was in New Persia at the time) via telephone and demanding the immediate withdrawal of Phoklandian forces from the area. When this was not done, Admiral Ross released the Ross family's pet dog "Director" Maxine Diggity Ross upon the invading troops. This attack managed to drive the forces of the Phoklandian Coast Guard back to the edge of the water where they soon retreated on the P.C.G. Langston back to Phokland held land.

Second Invasion

On February 3, 2018 the Principality of Phokland re-launched the invasion of New Persia after having been inspired to do so by a recent boom in traffic to the area. The invasion was seen as a way to insure Phoklandian control over that region and prevent other groups or individuals from taking the land for themselves. The invasion forces landed at roughly 6:00pm (MST) and immediately secured their position by fortifying the surrounding shoreline with large cardboard boxes.

Peace Terms

Following the second invasion (and not wanting to re-involve herself), Admiral Lisa M. Ross granted the Principality of Phokland use of the land on the conditions that they dismantle their fortifications and not change the landscape of the territory. In return, Phokland agreed to stop territorial conquest within the neighborhood and agreed to surrender the land if asked to by the Homeowner's Association. Both groups agreed to these terms on April 27, 2018 thus ending the conquest and "The Great Phoklandian Expansion" altogether.