Conservatist Republic of Emersonia

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Republic of New Emersonac City
Motto: Gradatim Ferociter (Step by Step, Ferociously)
Anthem: The Liberty Bell
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Romanian.
GovernmentPresidential Leadership
• President
Andrew "Emersonac" I
LegislatureNational Assembly
Establishment4 April 2018 as a Republic, Communist Uprising on 6 June 2020, Conservativist Revolution on 24 October 2020.
• Census
11 humans, 7 cats.
Time zoneGMT+2h7min7s

Emersonia, officially the Conservatist Republic of Emersonia, is a small self-declared state landlocked in Romania. It has been founded on 4 April 2018 by the President, Emersonac I. The Country went thru a communist uprising on 6 June 2020, and a peaceful revolution on 24 October.


The modern-day predecesor to the nation was the "Republic of Garden", a small minisature landscape with a river. Andrew, along with his friends, declared it a country, and declared "war" on other "countries". Gradually, his friends lost interest.

In 2018, the President found out about a small micronation named Republic of Molossia. Inspired by it, he declared his own backyard and some other areas as "Republic of New Emersonac City".

Country is founded

The Country soon adopted the flag which would still be in use today, joined the League of Micronations and made alliances with other local micronations.

LoMN collapse

In 2019, the League of Micronations had its leader impeached, with many micronations calling for the disbandment of LoMN. The organisation fell, and some micronations turned to informality. NEC also gained socialist values that would be rejected since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

War with Cycoldia

The Grand Republic of Cycoldia was allies with Emersonia, the two being very keen on the annexation of another nation. During the LoMN crisis, Emersonia found the culprit to be bad weeaboo leadership. A ban on Anime and all that was related to it commenced, and Cycoldia called Emersonia out and made public, sladerous remarks about the country. A few days later, the NECSS (Emersonian Secret Service) found out Cycoldia was actually part of a few illegal annexations, mostly of Wefren.

On September 27/28 2019, Emersonia made an alliance with Wefren, Nottingham-Stinocolus, Flario and PaLsia, and formally declared war on the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, a war which still stands today.

To war!

The war quickly started, and micronations close to Cycoldia territory put up propaganda signs and leaflets. Most countries remained on the Internet to aid in the NEC Secret Service's attacks.

While searching thru archives, the NECSS and the coalition forces stumbled upon Christina I's Minecraft account. Having gained access to server data, vital pieces of intel were discovered.

When Cycoldia and allies heard about the intel, they quickly surrendered. The War's ideology still remains today, as most Emersonians still dislike Cycoldia.

Film Adaptation

On 7 March 2022, the Emersonian Bureau of Media has released a movie featuring the events of this conflict.

Communist Uprising

A small communist uprising overthrew the President on 6 June 2020. The new leader, Hitler II, found it hard to rule a country, and abdicated just 5 days after. The country remained without a leader untill October 2020. These events were actually staged, poking fun at revolutions within countries and the hardships that come after.

Revolution, Modern day NEC

On October 24, 2020, Andrew overthrew the stagnant Communist Party, poking fun yet again at the idea of revolution, and remained chairman for it's last days, then disbanded the party and declared NEC a political-party-free zone.

The Kitten "War"

On a date in September 2020, one of the country's many kittens set out to explore the neighbours' backyard. It climbed onto the tallest branch of the neighbours tree. The neighbour's 2 dogs barked and attacked the kitten all night long. Diplomatic negotiations were refused, and eventually, someone took the kitten from the tree and returned it back to the country.

COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic struck Emersonia hard. Ever since the first Romanian case has been confirmed, Emersonia introduced martial law, lockdown, mask mandates and more.

In October 2020, 2 Emersonian Expats caught covid. The Ministry Of Health put the region on lockdown.

In Summer of 2021, Emersonia reached a vaccination rate of 100%, and all restrictions were lifted.

In February 2022, the President, along with 4 other Emersonians tested positive for covid. The entire country has been put on lockdown for the next 2 weeks.

Ukraine Aid

Emersonia publicly denounced Russia for its actions, stating that "Putin is a war criminal and should be executed."

A few days later, Emersonia sent 100EUR to the Ukrainian Armed Forces through the "Allied Aid Programme" and supplies to Ukrainian refugees entering Romania.


Emersonia has only one main political party, with singular-member third-parties springing up around election time.

The country is a Presidential Republic, with the President making all important decisions, which are then fed thru to the Emersonian National Assembly to be voted on.

Conservative Party

The Conservative Party is the current ruling party, with Andrew I as chairman. Although it has 7 members, 4 of them are not Emersonian citisens, and thus can't participate in voting rounds.


The country is divided into 5 districts:

  • Andyburg: The place where the infamous Republic Square is located.
  • Pinewood Residence
  • Farming District
  • Panhandle District
  • Livestock District


Emersonia is located in a temperate climate.


The national currency is the Bottlecap (BTCP-NEC), which is divided into 10 Plast.

The bottlecap consists of a steel bottle cap found on glass beverage bottles, while Plasts consist of plastic bottle caps found on plastic beverage bottles.

The currency is backed up in PEPSI beverage cans.


Republic Square

Republic Square is the main attraction in the country. Based off Molossia's Red Square, it is the main social gathering place. With a flagpole in the middle of a stone square, it has 4 buildings: A bar, the President's office, a bank and a small post office. There is also an aquaduct which has a water feature in the bar: a spinning gristmill.

Space Program

NEC is developing its own Space Program, under the Emersonac Space umbrella. It currently has 1 rocket (which is on display) and is developing sugar motor rockets.


Emersonia is currently constructing the Emersonian Narrow Gauge Industrial Railway, a 15 inch gauge railway spanning the whole territory.