Conservative Party (Nemkhavia)

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Conservative Party
LeaderKing Penda II of West Germania
Co-ChairmanLucas Campos, Grand Duke of Koss
FoundedApril 2011
HeadquartersEverwaicz, West Germania/Domino, Republic of Koss
Membership (2011)5
IdeologyCultural conservatism/revivalism, nationalism, right-wing, religious democracy, capitalism

The Conservative Party or CP was one of two main political parties in the Nemkhav Federation. It was the second largest party operating on a federal level. The party was a coalition, the first of such kind in Nemkhavia, with the first branch in West Germania and others in Koss and Astor Christiania. The Vanguard for Freedom eventually followed suit before the 2011 (2261 RE) elections, seeing the merge of Vian's Vanguard Movement and Pristinia's Libertarian Federalist Patriots' Party, thus overtaking the Conservatives in its number of members.

The Conservative Party was a conservative (and Christian democratic in at least one state) party in Nemkhavia, and generally centre-right on the political spectrum. The leader of the party was King Penda II of West Germania and Minister for Culture.

It is important to note, however, that despite the CP not having any members, it has not been formally disestablished, making it merely a dormant party. The Conservative Party continues to exist in Saxmark, formerly West Germania.

Party platform

The Conservative Party was formed based on traditional Germanic (specifically Prussian) values. On a federal level, the party was keen to stress the responsibility of the individual and individual freedoms as long as they do not harm others or the state. Typically, free enterprise, equal opportunities and low taxation were strongly supported. The Party recognised that in times of hardship, people need protection and was therefore not anti-socialist: welfare for the genuinely vulnerable was a priority. However, although equality was promoted, no quotas would be enforced to further the cause, as this was deemed unfair in itself. The Conservative Party also celebrated Nemkhav diversity and believed every cultural group had something to contribute, but had a long-term goal to consolidate multiculturalism into a unified culture to create a coherent national identity; cultures should not co-exist but merge.

Conservative Party in West Germania

In West Germania, the Conservative Party was the sole party and was keen to return the nation to values inspired by religion (principally the Norse Dual Faith). A national religion (although citizens were not obliged to belong to it) and Germanic-Celtic culture were enforced. There was a tough stance on crime and zero tolerance of drugs apart from caffeine, alcohol and those prescribed medically. Alcohol rationing was being considered and alcohol must be approved; vodka was strictly prohibited.

The party was closely associated with the monarchy and the state media. It was used by the King to maintain the status quo and to restore Anglo-Saxon and Norse attitudes, values, festivities and traditions as if West Germania were the natural successor of the ancient pre-Norman Conquest English kingdoms.

Conservative Party in Koss

The Conservative Party was the biggest and the only party in the Republic of Koss. The Grand Duke Lucas Campos, Princess Isabela Mello and the Royal Chancellor, Lord Lucas Soares, Baron of Bravia were the only Kossian Conservatives until the Party's last days. All the members of the legislature of the Grand Duchy of Koss, the Royal Council, were conservatives. The Conservative Branch in Koss, like in Astor Christiania, was advisory, but it did not follow a Christian Democrat viewpoint. Unlike West Germania, Kossian Conservative allowed Vodka and Marijuana. Although hard drugs were illegal in the state.


State group Member Members in group
West Germania West Germania Sean Anderson King Penda II of West Germania, Minister for Culture) 02
West Germania Koss ? Lucas Campos (Grand Duke of Koss, Minister for the Economy) 02
Koss Koss Isabela Mello (Princess of Koss, Council Minister of the Royal Council) 02
Koss Koss Lucas Soares (Chancellor of Koss) 02
West Germania West Germania Countess Godiva 02