Constitution of East Galway

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Constitution of East Galway
Original titleConstitution of East Galway
JurisdictionEast Galway
Created15 February 2022; 15 months ago (2022-02-15)
Presented15 February 2022; 15 months ago (2022-02-15)
Ratified15 February 2022; 15 months ago (2022-02-15)
Date effective15 February 2022; 15 months ago (2022-02-15)
SystemUnitary parliamentary socialist republic
BranchesThree (executive, legislature and judiciary)
ChambersUnicameral (House of Representatives)
ExecutivePremier and People’s Executive
JudiciarySupreme People’s Court
Electoral collegeNone

The Constitution of East Galway is the first codified supreme law of the history of the republic. It was created on 15 February 2022 by Thomas Jacobs, Vice Premier of the Commune and presented to Premier Jan Kotonski.


The Constitution states that the East Galway Government is the name of the three branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial. The President is designated as head of state. The People’s Executive, under the leadership of the Premier is the designated executive branch. The House of Representatives, presided over by the President, is the designated legislative branch. The Supreme People’s Court, under the Paramount Justice, is the designated judicial branch. The Free People’s Army, under the Supreme Commander, the Premier, was made constitutional, along with the people’s departments.


The constitution was ratified on 15 February 2022, effective the next day.


The Constitution was authored by Thomas Jacobs.