Constitution of New Guinea

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Although this article is about the Constitution of New Guinea, it does not contain the actual text itself. This article focuses on the process that was used, the people involved, photos, and other interesting facts. If you are seeking to read the actual text of the constitution, please use THIS LINK.


The constitution of New Guinea is a large document written and edited by the founders of the nation. It guarantees the rights of New Guinea Citizens and begins the government.

The Authors, New Guinea's Founders

The principle author was Archangel who produced a cumbersome document fully three times larger than the final draft. Other members of the New Guinea de facto government either assisted Archangel with the original version and/or took part in the trimming down which led to the final draft.

These people included:

Prince Hybrodon
Princess Diamond
Durwell D. Denieth
Alfa Duerra
Laura Oates
Findar Patel
Lynn Firerose
Sharon Leme


Critics of the New Guinea Constitution complain often that it is too "long winded", or that it is too difficult to read, understand and absorb. The constitution of New Guinea is quite large, much larger than most similar documents in the micronational world or even among the member nations of the UN. All agree that the document is large, taking about three months to write, and perhaps a is also a bit complicated.

"My God-- What did we do?" -Durwell Denieth
"Nobody is going to read this whole thing." -Archangel
"My eyes hurt!" -TejasDragon
"It's still not even close to being small enough." -Unknown
"You are the most longwinded person I've ever met." -Zachary Tunney

Other negative comments were made by each of the authors, and were too numerous to record. In the end, the document was unanimously passed however.

Miscellaneous Information

Number of mentions of God: 9

First draft word count: 34,019
First draft Character count: 144,381
Final Word count: 9156
Final Characters: 55,716
Time to write: 83 days
Total lines of text: 1529

Size of texrfile: 56.3 kb