Constitutional Protectorate of Vijverhoek

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Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Map of Vijverhoek 2021.png
StatusProtectorate of Wallenia
and largest city
None (city state)
Official languagesDutch
Organizational structureRepublic
Sebastian Zonnenveld
• President of the Senate
Roy Nieuwkoop
Calling code030+ (proposed)

The Constitutional Protectorate of Vijverhoek is a semi-autonomous city-state located in the Netherlands, consisting of a small piece of the Klinkebergerplas and surrounding areas. It was created on 27 June 2021‎ in accordance with the terms of that Wallenia is constitutional forbidden to annex Dutch territories

The Free City included the city of Vijverhoek and other nearby towns, villages, and settlements that were primarily inhabited by Wallenians. As the treaty stated, the region was to remain separated from the Kingdom of Wallenia and from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but it was not a sovereign state. The Free City was under Wallenian protection and put into a binding customs union with Wallenia. Wallenia was also given certain rights pertaining to communication, the railways and port facilities in the city.