Contempt Rock

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Contempt Rock
The rock as seen in October 2020
LocationAleunnic Workers' Republic

Contempt Rock is a geological landmark that can be found in the Aleunnic Workers' Republic.


The rock was named by Hunt Powell due to the surroundings found in the Aleunnic Empire. It was first discovered and marked during Operation Seebrecher.


Contempt Rock is composed of a currently unknown mineral. It has not been measured or weighed, but is shorter than an average American. The rock itself is slanted to one direction, mainly due to erosion from the nearby water. There are no plans to move the rock and/or alter it's appearance.


Hunt Powell invaded the territory of the Aleunnic Empire on 27 October 2020 and during the invasion was disgusted by the overall climate and geography of the area. This contempt led him to name a notable looking rock, giving it the name it has today. Contempt Rock was owned by the State of Faltree for a time before the territory of Aleunnic Faltree was returned to the Aleunnic Workers' Republic.