Convention Parliament of the Empyrean of the Moon

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Convention Parliament of the Empyrean
Flag of the Empyrean
Founded20 August 2022
Chair of the Convention Parliament
Political groups
  President of the Empyrean (1)
Length of term
At the discretion of the President
Currently suspended

The Convention Parliament of the Empyrean of the Moon, or simply the Convention Parliament or Parliament, is an advisory body to the government of the Empyrean of the Moon. Though it is structured as a parliament, with procedural rules and a presiding officer, it has no formal legislative authority, instead relying on the approval of the Empyrean President for its resolutions to have legal force.

The Convention Parliament has no formal meeting place.

Established as an institution on 20 August 2022, it currently sits dormant. Under its constituting law, the Convention Parliament Act, and inspired by the Convention System created by the Federated States of America, it ordinarily "does not meet"[1] unless the President convenes it to debate specific issues, after which it is dismissed again.


The Empyrean of the Moon was established following the ratification of its Charter on 15 August 2022. The Charter established that the President would have overriding, near total legislative authority, as well as the ability to create Advisory Councils, government institutions with limited legal power designed to offer advice to the President and their executive officers. Under the Charter, Advisory Councils can executive certain limited government powers provided those powers are expressly delegated when the Council is created.

On 20 August 2022, President Horatio Eden issued the Convention Parliament Act, constituting the Convention Parliament as an Advisory Council in its current form.

The Convention Parliament has not yet been convened and has no members other than the President.

Composition and powers

Under the Convention Parliament Act, the Convention Parliament ordinarily sits vacant. Furthermore, it may not convene its own sessions except by unanimous vote in an emergency.[1] As such, it is currently not formally constituted.

Under a slightly modified form of the Convention System developed by the Federated States of America, the Convention Parliament may only be convened by the President directly for the purpose of debating a limited slate of issues that the President chooses. Parliament then discusses the proposed agenda, before passing whatever resolutions it feels best serves the purpose of resolving the issues on that agenda, which the President may approve of or dismiss at their discretion. None of the Parliament's decisions are legally binding until the President approves of them. Once a session to debate a chosen agenda is completed, the Parliament is adjourned sine die, and may not reconvene until a new agenda is set by the President or the Parliament unanimously declares an emergency.


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