Coronation Medal of Chandrachur I

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The Coronation Medal of Chandrachur I
Awarded by the
Monarch of Indradhanush
Established30 July 2021
Awarded forPersonal goodwill to His Majesty
StatusNo longer awarded
First induction2021
Last induction2021
Total inductees9
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)"None (lowest)"

Ribbon bar of the Coronation Medal

The Coronation Medal of Chandrachur I is a commemorative medal of the Kingdom of Indradhanush, which was constituted on 30 July 2021[1] by Chandrachur Basu in his capacity as the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Indradhanush.

It was constituted as part of the coronation of His Majesty Chandrachur I.

Recipients of the order

Sl. No. Name Date of Investiture Grade
1 Chandrachur Basu (Commander) 30 July 2021[1] Knight
2 John
3 Lorenzo Marquez
4 Jayden Lycon
5 Daniel Hamilton
6 Chien Chia-Heng
7 Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed