Corporate Demesne of Urabba Parks

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Corporate Demesne of Urabba Parks
CapitalMelbourneNote 1
Time zoneAustralian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
Daylight savings (AEDST)

The Corporate Demesne of Urabba Parks (the Demesne) is the part of Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited that does not belong to a region or territory. As the laws of the Demesne apply to activities of Urabba Parks not falling in a region or territory, the online activities of Urabba Parks are attributed to the Demesne.

Etymology and history

The word Demesne derives from Old French demeine, ultimately from Latin dominus, "lord, master of a household" – demesne is a variant of domaine.[1][2] Under the Interpretation Act 2022 of the Parliament of Urabba Parks, the Corporate Demesne of Urabba Parks includes all parts of Urabba Street Reserve in the New Eurabba not falling within a jurisdictional division.[IA2022 1] Since the creation of the Urabba territory (now the New Eurabba region) on 4 September 2022, no land falls within the Demesne.


Section 122 of the Constitution provides the Corporate Parliament may make laws for the government in the government of parts of Urabba Parks not forming part of a jurisdictional division and the governance of matters in which the legislature of the jurisdictional division does not have power to make laws.[Constitution 1]

Under the terms of the Corporate Ordinances Act, 2022[3] laws applicable to the Demesne apply to the affairs of Urabba Parks that are not governed by the laws of a jurisdictional division, including online activities without a physical location not regulated under the laws of a region or territory. Therefore, activities in the locality of Melbourne are governed by the laws of the Demesne, although it is far away from the original location of the Demesne at Urabba.

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1. ^ Under section 125 of the Constitution, the Parliament sits at Melbourne until a Seat of Government is determined by Parliament or some other place chosen by the Manager‑General.[Constitution 2]


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Interpretation Act 2022