Corte People's Republic

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Corte People's Republic
Republica Populare Di Corti
Flag of Example
Coat of arms of Example
Coat of arms
Motto: "Libertà, Umanità, Salute"
"Liberty, Humanity, Health"
Anthem: Arise Corte !
Territories of The People's Republic of Corte
Territories of The People's Republic of Corte
StatusUnrecognized state
Official languagesCorsican, French
Ethnic groups
  • 92% Corsicans
  • 8% French
GovernmentFederal presidential republic
• President
Zacheo Mackey
• Vice President
Valentin P.
• Independence
3 August 2022
• Constitution ratified
5 August 2022
• Estimate
CurrencyCortenese Soldi
Time zoneUTC-2 (XST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+33
Internet TLD.cpr

The Corte People's Republic, (Corsican: Republica Populare Di Corte) is a micronation founded on August 3, 2022, located entirely within central Corsica. The country was self-proclamed independent after a referendum, following the Cortenese Revolution of Dignity, led by the current president of the country, Zacheo Mackey, and is recognised as de jure part of France. The national languages of the CPR are Corsican and French, being the first nation to adopt corsican as a national language. The capital of the CPR is the historical city of Corte, first bastion of the revolution, which has a population of 7459 inhabitants (2019), the CPR itself has just over 9711 inhabitants (2020).

The country is a Federal Presidential Republic, led by President Zacheo Mackey of the Corte Socialist Party, The CPR's National Parliament is located within the Corte University District, downtown Corte. Elections are held every 5 years.

The CPR, has rather bad relations with the country of which they declared independance, France, which is the only country it has a border with.


The Corte People's Republic has a population of 9711 inhabitants (January 2019 estimate).

At the 2018 census, 78.7% of the inhabitants of the CPR were people born on the island, 14.8% were from Continental France, and 6.5% were born in foreign countries.

The majority of the foreign immigrants in the CPR come from the Maghreb (particularly Moroccans, who made up 29.1% of all immigrants in the country at the 2018 census) and from Southern Europe (particularly Portuguese and Italians, 24.0% and 12.4% of immigrants in the country respectively).


In July 2022, the Corte Socialist Party was founded to protest against the capitalist ways of living of the French Governement, the party becoming more and more popular led to the Cortenese Revolution of Dignity, and rapidly, the french influence in the territories claimed by the Republic fell, leading to the proclamation of independance of the Corte People'es Republic on August 3, 2022. An assembly was formed and the constitution of the new nation was ratified on August 5, 2022. The french governement has never recognised the nation.

Politics and government

The CPR is a federal presidential republic with the Corte Socialist Party being the biggest party in the PUCS. The PUCS government is made up of 3 branches, the Executive Branch holds the offices of all members of the cabinet, the office of the president, and all national agencies. The second branch is the People's branch which is the Corte People's Assembly. The People's Assembly is not a representative assembly and is rather an institution in which any Cortenese citizen may participate in voting on legislation passed in The CPR. The third branch is the Judicial which is tasked with judging if laws are constitutional under the Supreme Court of the CPR

Foreign relations

The CPR is not recognised by any nation in the world, it is considered as de jure part of The French Republic, with whom it has diplomatic relations considered as "bad"


The Armed Forces of The Central Corsican Republic serve as the national army of the CPR, they were formed after the Revolution of Dignity and were never involved in a conflict.

Geography and climate

The CPR is located in the center of Corsica, Corte, the capital is located 68 kilometers from Bastia and 80 kilometers from Ajaccio, cities to which it is connected by the RT 20 (national road 193) and by the Bastia-Ajaccio railway (Corte station of the railways of Corsica). It is the main town in the interior of the country

The county comprises eight municipalities, including that of Corte, which is the capital.

The CPR has a hot-summer mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification: Csa), sometimes presenting alpine conditions during the winter, with 52 summer days and 56 frost days.


The national currency of the CPR is the Cortenese Soldi, adopted three days after the ratification of the constitution, it is administered by The Central Cortenese Bank


The national languages of the CPR are Corsican and French, the CPR is the first country to adopt corsican as a national language.

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