Council of Elders (Nemkhavia)

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The Council of Elders is a cultural oddity within Nemkhavia, and has held considerable power in the past, but as of now mainly serves as an advisory board to the President. Its other function involves the discussion and promotion of Nemkhav culture. The Minister for Culture is also part of the Council.

The Tribes

Nemkhav society is broken down into tribes, which are then broken down again into extended families. The head of each tribe is usually the oldest male member of the extended family, but this is merely a ceremonial position for certain duties (such as leading the toast at family feasts and representing in the nemkhavian Council of Elders). There is a strong tradition of equality, so men and women are deemed to be of equal importance in all situations. There are currently two tribes within the Nemkhav Federation, though one is never referred to as a "tribe".

The Mejakhansk Tribe

The Mejakhansk Tribe is a tribe led by Marka Mejakhansk, composed of citizens from the Central Nemkhav Republic and Novomir Province. It is the oldest tribe within the nation and are the keepers of many national secrets and myths.

a-Pleman McKinlay

a-Pleman McKinlay, Eragian for the McKinlay Tribe, is the largest and only tribe in Eragia. It is more commonly referred to as the House of McKinlay, and has been given special constitutional status under the communist regime in the state to allow it's existence. It is also the newest tribe in Nemkhavia, having been founded in July 2012.