Council of Governors (Oshad)

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The Council of Governors is a subdivision of the Government of Oshad. The Council is the Government Agency all District Governors of Oshad report to.

Council of Governors
Agency overview
Formed9th of October 2021
JurisdictionRepublic of Oshad
HeadquartersOshad City
MottoServe to Lead
Chief Minister responsible
  • Luke of Oshad, President of Oshad
Minister responsible
  • None Appointed, Minister of the Interior
Parent departmentOffice of the President
Parent agencyHis Excellency's Government of Oshad


The Council of Governors was founded on the 9th of October 2021 by President Luke of Oshad as a means for him and the Oshad District Governors to meet and discuss decisions for each district.

Duties of the Council

The Council meet at the request of the President of Oshad or one of the Governors in the council with the purpose of discussing current events and assisting each other with administrative, legislative and general decisions regarding the Republic of Oshad's districts.

Powers of the Governors

Legislative Power

The District Governors govern each of the nation's district on the President's behalf. All Governors are responsible for managing their district, enforcing Utopian Party Policies and passing laws for their own districts.

Policing Powers

Each Governor are made the de facto Chief Superintendent in the Oshad Police Force for their District so they may ensure laws are enforced in their district to prevent crime.

Chair of the Council

The Chair of the Council is always the President of Oshad, whom appoints the Governors of each district.

List of Members

Current members

Position Incumbent In Office
President of Oshad (Chair) Luke of Oshad 9 October 2021 – Present
Governor of Wellington None Appointed
Governor of the Parade District None Appointed
Governor of North Pacifica None Appointed
Governor of South Pacifica None Appointed

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