Councillor of State (Tinakula)

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Councillor of State
Consejero de Estado
None Appointed
Offices of the President & Co-President
StyleMr (Madam) Councillor
Member ofCabinet of Tinakula
Reports toExecutive Council of Tinakula
ResidenceChivido Tinakulá
AppointerExecutive Council of Tinakula
Term lengthAt the Presidents' Pleasure
PrecursorVice Executive of Tinakula
Formation13th of February 2022
Unofficial namesMinister of State
DeputyDeputy Councillor of State

The Councillor of State is advisor to and assistant to the President & Co-President of Tinakula and may act as a de-facto head of government but doesn't officially or legally take this role.


The Office of Councillor of State was founded on the 13th of February 2022 by Luke of Wellmoore, after he took office as Co-President of Tinakula.


The role of Councillor is as Follow:

  • Advising the Presidency
  • Representing the Presidency
  • Deputising in the Presidencies Absence
  • Keeping the Presidents up to Date with Government Activity


Appointment of the Councillor is made by the Executive Council of Tinakula.

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