County of Tsukigami

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The Country of Tsukigami 月神の国 or 月神国
Coat of arms
Motto: Per Ardua ad Astra
Anthem: For the Moon
File:Continents of Europe and Asia
and largest city
The City of Tsukigami
Official languagesEnglish, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin)
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Emperor Kenryō Ryon
Time zoneGMT + 8

The Nation of Tsukigami (月神の国) lit. The Country of the Moon God.

The Country of Tsukigami

The Country of Tsukigami (also known as,Tsukigami-no-kuni or 月神の国,or 月神国) is a small sized micronation located in the continents of Europe and Asia. The current monarch is The Divine Descendent of the Moon and Pure Guardian of the Sky, His Royal Majesty the Emperor of Tsukigami-no-kuni, Kenryō Ryon (火山雷風雨雪東南西北金田薄霧高林黒空白雲清新の気日月星十二竜 天の守護神 剣凌*), and the current Prime Minister is The Honorable Prime Minister of Tsukigami-no-kuni, Grand Descendant of the Moon, C. Arai. We welcome anyone that wishes to join us and be a part of the country.


To apply for a citizenship, you can email the direct government at

Government and Politics

The Country of Tsukigami is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. We are a single state ruled by a single government, under the rule of Emperor Kenryō Ryon and the High Parliament of Tsukigami. The Emperor still maintains power and is the main Head of State.


The parliament of the Country of Tsukigami consists of a Prime Minister, a House of Guardians, and a House of Commons. It closely resembles the Westminster structure of the British Parliament, but is different in some ways. Parliament is resonsible for all legislation in the Country,including new bills, proposals, amendments, ect. It also closely resembles The Kingdom of America .

The Prime Minister

The current Prime Minister of the Country of Tsukigami is The Honorable, GD of the Moon C. Arai. She leads both Houses of Parliament but only has a vote in the House she holds a seat in. She is also responsible for representing Parliament to the Emperor. The PM currently resides in Tokyo, Japan.