Crisis in Kichi

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Crisis in Kichi
DateMarch 31, 2022 - present

current situation:

  • Affected by the 3.31 conflict, Kichi was expelled from the virtual international, and there is still no progress in the relationship between the two parties
  • Kichi Huaguoshan voted unanimously to expel Sundan from the Federation
  • The Sundan authorities announced that they would unite with the local police to destroy Kichi, but the plan of the Sundan authorities has not yet succeeded
  • In January 2023, Kichi issued the Vtuber Act, formally and permanently banning the spread of vtuber in Kichi in a legal sense
  • On February 17, the Biyou Land incident broke out

Crisis in Kichi, which began since the founding of Kichi in February 2022, is a social, economic, and political crisis that occurred in Kichi during the period of the Grand Duchy of Kichi and continued during the period of the Republic of Kichi. This crisis is the first and worst crisis in Kichi.