Crown Prince of Athor

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Crown Prince of Athor
ولي عهد أتور
StyleHis Highness
TypeHeir Apparent
ResidenceCayfield Palace
Term lengthLife Tenure
Formation21 December 2022

The Crown Prince of Athor is the heir apparent to the Monarchy of Athor and the second highest office in the Islamic Emirate of Athor. As well as being heir apparent, in the absence of the Emir, an order is issued to have the Crown Prince manage the affairs of the state until the Emir's return.


The Crown Prince is always the eldest son of the incumbent monarch. When they are born the monarch formally appoints them as Crown Prince. Parliament then acts as a rubber stamp to the decision to give it additional confirmation and legitimacy.


The crown prince at present doesn't have any official duties. However, the monarch may grant the crown prince specific duties or manage the state's affairs while the Emir is away.

The monarch may grant the crown prince a range of duties varying from acting as chair of the privy council to taking on a government role such as Prime Minister.

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