Crown Prince of Huai Siao

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Crown Prince of Huai Siao
(Thai: องค์รัชทายาท)
ธงประจำพระอิสริยยศองค์รัชทายาท(Huai Siao).png
Royal Standard of the Crown Prince
ResidenceHis Royal Highness
AppointerEmperor of the Huai Siao
Term lengthUntil the death or abdication of the Emperor

Crown prince(Thai:องค์รัชทายาท)It is the crown prince of Huai Siew, the royal title of the successor to the emperor. The Crown Prince will hold this title until the emperor dies or abdicates. The position may be removed if a person is not covered by the royal court's rules, the holding of the position is not limited to the royal family but also the lower royal family. By selecting those holding such positions must pass many rules in the royal court According to the law, the royal family designated the eldest son of the emperor to hold this position. But this does not mean that he is the only male son, but a daughter can hold this position.


The appointment of a son to hold this position must be in accordance with the formal procedures of the Huai Siao Royal Court as follows:

  • 1.The secretary compiles the names of the sons and daughters according to the wishes of the emperor.
    • In the event that the emperor was not appointed prior to his death, the secretary must compile a list of the royal family, ie the emperor's sons or daughters of the emperor, and then submit them to the President of the Privy Council for further action.
  • 2.When the names are compiled, the President of the Privy Council shall present to the Emperor.
    • If the emperor passed away first, the President of the Privy Council will present the list to the millennial or the Aiyika or the elders of the royal court.
  • 3.At this stage, the emperor had to choose five or at least three successors, either as a son or daughter.
  • 4.And within a period of three days, the elders of the royal court must be invited to join the selection of the heirs, selected by the heir apparent exams and the battle showdown.
    • In the event that the Emperor has passed away, the President of the Privy Council shall take such action.
  • 5.After the success of the heir apparent, the Royal Secretariat shall send a notification to the President of the National Assembly to inform the members of Parliament the results and then the coronation ceremony is held within five days.

List of Crown prince Huai Siao

Order image Name Relationship with the emperor Term of office Reign