Crown Prince of Malpok

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Crown Prince of Malpok
StyleHis Royal Highness
TypeHeir Apparent
Member ofHouse of Wellmoore
Reports toMonarch
SeatPort Volas
Term lengthLife Tenure
Formation19 November 2022

The Crown Prince of Malpok is the heir apparent of the Monarchy of Malpok.


The crown prince is typically the eldest son of the monarch. However, the monarch is typically required to formally announce and appoint the crown prince to confirm them as the heir apparent.

Order of Succession

As heir apparent, the person who holds the title of crown prince is first in the line of succession and they cannot be displaced by any future addition to the royal family.

After the monarch and their consort, the crown prince is the second most senior member of the royal family.

Titles and Styles

The crown prince is styled as "His Royal Highness" and, like the monarch, the pronouns referring to the titleholder are typically always capitalized.

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