Crown Republic

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The Crown Republic (CR), founded on 16 February 2016, is a Democratic-Republic Federation. The Federation is comprised of three member states, the Duchy of Brister, the Sovereign Republic of Baconia, and Keeglantis,

Legislative divisions

In the beginning the CR awarded Duchies to loyalists, making them Dukes. Since then the CR has made tremendous strides towarhds democracy. Each State has a Legislature. Each Legislature uses a Facebook Group as a platform for voting, and holding frequent elections. Legislators are allowed to write, propose, and vote on bills (posted via Group Polls). Each State Elects a Chairman who, for all intents and purposes is Governor, in addition to Representatives who are sent to serve in the Federal Legislature with Representatives from the other States.

Head of State

The Federation is administered by a Chancellor. It was hoped the Chancellorship would be replaced with a Presidency folowing the ratification of the constitutional overhaul of 9 October 2016. However certain technicalities rendered the overhaul null.

Political Parties

The CR's first Political Party was established on 4 January 2017, by Chancellor Cleveland. The Monarchist Party, mission statement is "To cut through administrative red tape with responsible Autocracy". The party hopes to repeal superfluous and burdensome Legislation regarding administration of the Federation. As of 6 January 2017, 10 of the 12 articles in the CR's Constitution have been repealed.