Croydon Nations

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A picturesque view in Croydon, looking across at East Croydon Station

The Croydon Nations are the sector of micronations based mainly in and around the British town of Croydon in South London. The Croydon Nations first began in July 2020 when the micronation of Chowolia was established. Following the dissolution of Chowolia, a series of micronations would follow in responce. Furthermore, the Croydon Nations also allowed for the rise of the Anti-Micronationalist Ideology, making the sector a hub of internal conflicts.

List of Nations

The entire list of Croydon Nations, in order of establishment, consists of:


The Croydon Nations began with the establishment of Chowolia in July 2020. Chowolia got its second citizen (Pseudonym "Shiny Elrod") in January 2021. In May, two new buffer states (Yeblon and Thoyle) were created by the King of Chowolia, Caglar, to better emphasise Chowolia's Global Position. Shiny was angry with the fall of Chowolia later that month, and when the final proposal for keeping Chowolia open failed, Shiny established his own micronation called Leprechia. This lead to Caglar developing an Anti-Micronationalist Ideology, which would only worsen in the coming years.

Caglar joined Leprechia in February 2022, with the goal of bringing it to its demise as encouraged by his Anti-Micronationalist Ideology. On the 13th July 2022, Caglar succeeded in taking advantage of the growth of Leprechian anti-micronationalism to launch the Leprechian Population Drop. Shiny Elrod, King of Leprechia, forseeing the worst, established a secret micronation which he hoped Caglar would not find out about. This new micronation was called Leprestan. Leprechia was fully dissolved on the 17th October 2022 after losing the Velocito-Leprechian War.

Caglar did in the end find out about Leprestan. Shiny attempted to complete the same plan and created a fake nation which Caglar would be tricked into believing was Shiny's only micronation. This fake nation was called Lepria. The real nation which Shiny did not want Caglar to find out about was named "Rossia", but Caglar did also find out about this one too.

On the 10th December 2022, the Great Rossian War saw Caglar, in the name of his 'Cafer Army', declare war on Rossia. Lepria and Leprestan were made Rossian colonies. At a conference, Shiny agreed to give Caglar ownership over Lepria, provided that the war stopped. Caglar agreed, but broke this agreement shortly after. This marked the fall of Lepria to the Cafer Army. Leprestan soon fell in the same manner. In order to make up for these losses, the Rossian Government introduced the Rossian Bloc; a collection of Rossian Buffer States. Two of the republics fell to the Cafer Army on the same day they were established. The other two declared independence from Rossia, and eventually ended up in the hands of Caglar likewise. The Great Rossian War ended on the 31st December 2022.

On the 15th January 2023, the Rosso-AML War saw Shiny be forced to surrender to the AML (Anti-Micronationalist League). Shiny was forced to make an oath in the names of his friends and family to not establish another micronation, nor do anything regarding micronations, for a minimum of eight months. After the Oath Crisis was dealt with, which saw Shiny break the oath, Shiny agreed to stick to the oath for the remainder of the eight month period.