Culture of Roscamistan

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The culture of the Republic of Roscamistan is primarily influenced by Irish and Polish cultures, of which it could be described as an offshoot of the two. Most of Roscamistan's citizens are Irish, Polish, Nigerian, or of other Sub-Saharan African and Slavic races, with most of the citizens also being citizens of their respective macronations. Though it does not prioritise ethnic diversity, it has a diverse leadership, with founder Thomas Jacobs having a South African father and an Irish mother, Adam Flannery, 5th Vice President having an Irish father and a Polish mother, and many other leaders having parents of different backgrounds.

Roscami culture is particularly characterised by its heavy Irish, South African, and Polish influences. It also has many YouTube channels associated with it, and one newspaper directly associated. Along with the Republic of Balinfoyleburg, the East Galway Commune, and the Sepranan Democratic Republic, it also follows a more County Galway and Galway City outlook.


Many different groups and nations are said to be influences on Roscami culture, particularly Ireland and South Africa. In the beginning, nearly all citizens were either ethnically Irish, South African, or South African-Irish. The ideals of republicanism (the support of republics over monarchies, not the American political party), Irish conservatism, and nationalism are also a major part of this culture, also the use of Irish in many things is due in part to the Irish-taught education of the Founder, Thomas Jacobs. As many citizens in Roscamistan later on its development were ethnic Polish, Polish became a major factor in the Culture of Roscamistan.


The official languages of Roscamistan are Irish and English. Most of its citizens are somewhat proficient in Irish, but English de facto is the leading language, spoken on a daily basis by most people at home and in social environments.