Currvanian Empire

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The Currvanian Empire

Imperium Currvaniæ (Latin)
Kaiserreich Currvanien (German)
Imperio Currvania (Spanish)

컬바니아 제국 (Korean)
Flag of The Currvanian Empire
The Imperial Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Pro Deo Et Pro Patria and Tyrannis Est Semper Prōgressū
(Latin meaning For God And For Country and Tyranny Is Always Progressing)
Anthem: The Imperial Hymn
File:Southern US
CapitalNew Alexandria
Largest cityNew Macedonia
Official languagesEnglish and Classical Latin
GovernmentUnitary Constitutional Monarchy with an appointed Legislature
• Emperor
Christopher I Augustus
• Heir Apparent/ Prince of New Macedonia
None Invested
• Minister of Foreign Affairs and Relations
N. Andersen
• Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
M. Davis
LegislatureHigh Council
Establishment11 October 2019
• (As of July 17th 2019) census
Time zone(EST/ET)

Currvania, officially The Currvanian Empire or The Empire of Currvania, (Imperium Currvaniæ (Latin) is a micronation founded by Christopher I informally in early 2018 and officially in 2019. It is located in the US States of Florida and Georgia. It has a population of ~30 is ruled by an Emperor. It is a Constitutional Monarchy with Christopher being stylized as Christopher I as the emperor. The Emperor is bound by the Constitution and High Council but he exercises complete legislative authority though executive authority is partially shared with the High Council.


The Currvanian Empire also stylized as "The Empire of Currvania" is a micronation in the southern United States. The idea of "Currvania" or its original name "Curryea" had existed for several years before the provisional government was put into place. The name was changed to Currvania before the Constitution was ratified. A provisional government was put in place Valentines Day of 2019, though some provisional governments had been formed earlier such as the establishment of the Currvanian-Rogerian empire in October 2018 which established a diarchy to lead the nation. The first official government came to be in early 2018 where the nation was established as "The Imperial Provinces of Currvania",this proto constitution was ratified April 10, 2018. The current constitution was passed on October 11, 2019 and it established The Currvanian Empire properly for the first time. The 20 person legislature was rather large for a small nation and it became hard to get even a quorum together to pass laws. So on 19 December 2019 the Grand Council was dissolved and replaced with the High Council, made up of five members instead of twenty. This was passed as the last act of the Grand Council unanimously and the Supreme Court approved it. In late 2020 a Constitutional Convention was called to create a new constitution. This new constitution was ratified on August 19, 2021.


Politics and Government

*a note on names: Officials are referred to by their first initial and surname unless requested otherwise or when using noble/royal titles or reffering to the emperor.

The Emperor

The Office of the Emperor is in charge of the Nation. It is made up of the Emperor and several subordinate departments that report directly to him instead of the ministries of the High Council. All laws passed are signed by him so sometimes they are marked from The Office of The Emperor.

The emperor is as of yet uncoronated but a coronation ceremony is planned for late 2021.

Departments Under The Office of The Emperor

There are several offices and ministers under the Office of the Emperor though not all of them are filled.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the Empire of Currvania is made up of three justices, including one Chief Justice, who perform a similar role to their American counterpart. As of yet they are the only court in the nation and would handle any and all legal and constitutional issues.

The High Council

After the latest constitution was ratified, on 19 August 2021, the High Council is made up of four members, including a Grand Vizier.

The current members are His Excellency the Count of Otterbein as Grand Vizier, Her Grace the Duchess of Port Galicia as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Relations, Her Grace the Marchioness of Bamboo Vale as Minister of Justice, and Her Grace the Duchess of Curryea as the Supreme Commander of the Military.

Land Division

The Currvanian Empire is divided into a Kingdom and a State which are subdivided into 2 Duchies, a County, and a Principality in addition to the capital. The Duke/Duchess, Count/Countess, and Prince/Princess are appointed by the Emperor or High Council. The divisions of the Currvanian Empire are the following: The Duchy of Curryea and the Principality of New Macedonia make up the Kingdom of New Jamestowne while The Duchy of Port Galicia and the County of Otterbein make up the State of New Thrace. The capital of New Alexandria is separate from these other divisions and is directly administered by the Emperor. The Property Division and Military Act officially laid out these provinces. The Prince/Princess of Macedonia is a title that goes to the Imperial heir when they are invested as such.

All landed noble titles other than the Prince of New Macedonia, a title reserved for the heir, are filled, and subdivisions have been created to grand landed noble titles to various individuals.

Constitution and Law

The Currvanian Empire was officially founded when the constitution officially was ratified on 11 October 2019. It lays out the basic law of Currvania and anything changing it has to be considered seriously.

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