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Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) is the official time of Cyberterra, which was born as the world's first virtual realm.

Later Cyberterra also acquired a geographical consistency, and became the world's first cybernetic realm, or kyvernitis (κυβερνήτης).

Kaisiris Tallini introduced the concept of Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) on 5 August 2009.

Cyberterra Mean Time or CMT, is also called Central European Standard Time, or UTC + 1 hour. This time is the equivalent of the time in Paris, Rome, Geneva, and Berlin during the winter, or London, Dublin, and Lisbon during the summer. Daylight savings time is not observed at the Cyberterra point.

Cyberterra Mean Time (or Cyberterra Meridian Time) is also a new meridian (as opposed to the Greenwich Meridian). This new meridian actually runs through Cyberterra, which is a point in the middle of the Adriatic Sea which has been visited by humans in the past (15 May 2007), and is located at exactly 43°0'0" North, and 15°0'0" East. These are also considered the GPS coordinates of the Adriatic Sea, so you can say that the point of Cyberterra, also controls the Adriatic Sea.

Cyberterra not only has its own specific time zone, but in fact it follows an entirely different new date and time format.

The Cyberterra Mean Time standard (CMTs) is simply the UTC + 1 hour time standard.

The Cyberterra Mean Time format (CMTf), on the other hand, is a combination of the Cesidian calendar week, day of the week, date, and the time in millidays, or thousandths of a day, according to UTC + 1 hour.

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