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Autonomus territory in the Kingdom of Eintrachtia
Commonwealth of Cyrance
Flag of Cyrance
Official seal of Cyrance
Coat of arms
Anthem: Hino da Carta
Sovereign stateEintrachtia
CFR proclaimed16 April 2022
Dissolve of the CFR31 August 2022
Treaty of Javana1 September 2022
Capital and largest cityCentralton
Official languagesEnglish and Cyrianese
GovernmentDevolved government within a parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
• State Governor
• Prime Minister
LegislatureState Parliament
CurrencyCyrianic Cyriatas (C) (CYC)

Cyrance, officially the Commonwealth of Cyrance (Cyrianese: Comunitasé da Cyriansa), is an unincorporated autonomus territory of Eintrachtia. It was declared after the Cyrianic Federal Republic was announced to be dissolved. It is located in the original location of the CFR across its Antarctic claims.

After the Lisbon Conference in August 2022, Cyrus, former president of Cyrance, has announced his and the government’s temporary withdrawal from micronationalism, causing Cyrance to become a semi-anarchy. Following the rapid rise of communists, nationalists and the establishment of the Cyrianic Junta Government by authorities sent by the Eintrachtian and remained Cyrianic military. The CFR was announced officially dissolved on 31 August 2022 by former president Cyrus and he proposed to allow Eintrachtia to establish a protectorate in the territories of former CFR. Cyrus is made the Prime Minister of Cyrance on 1 September in the same year. New Cyrianic citizens were offered both Cyrianic citizenship and Eintrachtian citizenship.

Cyrance is highly autonomous under the name of Eintrachtia. It had been an argument that whether this type of government is similar to that of a puppet regime, although Cyrance is semi-independent and the government has great ties with the government and the monarchy of Eintrachtia, it has been concluded that Cyrance is an autonomous self-administrative regime under another state of which is responsible to.


In June 2022, the government of the CFR had shown high inactivity and in July, several ideological groups has risen and established warlords within the territory of Cyrance. Most significant of which is the communist regime which called itself the “Communist Union of Cyrance” led by the Communist Party of Cyrance and was expanding its claims rapidly. The party was condemned after a round of vote in the National Assembly.

In August, former president Cyrus announced his temporary withdrawal from micronationalism and Cyrance became an anarchy, thus making Cyrance inactive. The communist revolutionaries one again along with fascist powers. Cyrance fell into a civil conflict and the nation was declared dissolved on 31 August 2022.

Before the announcement, a nationwide voting was held to decide whether to continue the legacy of Cyrance by establishing a more stable state under another government to prevent more riot uprisings in Cyrance. The Protectorate was established after the signing of the Treaty of Javana on 1 September 2022, which dealt with the matter of CFR’s dissolve and the aftermath. Cyrus was made the Prime Minister on the same day and Gabriel Y.L.N. was made Governor to represent the monarch of Eintrachtia in matters related to Eintrachtia in Cyrance.

Eintrachtia-Cyrance was formed on 19 October 2022 and was dissolved on the 21st day of the same month. The union didn't receive enough support from the people of Cyrance and was therefore dissolved. The new protectorate has since less Eintrachtian interference.


The Governor of State serves as an avatar representative of the monarch of Eintrachtia and the Government of Eintrachtia in the Government of the Protectorate. The Prime Minister of State is the executive head of the government who serves as the head of government and manages matter around the protectorate. The Governor is the highest ranking official but is de facto representative of the head of state while the Prime Minister is the second highest ranking official with executive powers under the Constitution of Cyrance and the Constitution of Eintrachtia.


The Parliament of Cyrance is the national legislature of the state. It consists of one Speaker of the Parliament and 3 major political parties, the State Democratic Party, the Independent Party and the Federation of Workers. Currently the head of the Independent party serves as the head of the Opposition. The SDP occupies 37% of the seats, the Independent Party occupies 28% and the Workers occupy 33%, the rest are mostly non-aligned.

Eintrachtian government

The representation of Eintrachtia is responsible to the State Governor, whose task is the represent Eintrachtian interests within the protectorate, but the representative seldom has the chance to interfere in the votings and assemblies of the State Government. The current Governor is Gabriel Y.L.N., who originally served as the head of the Ministry of Defense of Eintrachtia.

Cyrianic government

The State Government is the government of the protectorate and consists of three main branches, the Parliament, the Cabinet and the Prime Minister, and the Supreme Court. The Prime Minister serves as the head of the government and is the highest executive in the government.

Foreign relations

The protectorate inherited the former foreign partners of the CFR.

Micronational alliances/recognized sovereignty

USRM (ally, recognised sovereignty)

Belcity (former ally, recognised sovereignty)

Intermicronational organizations

Eintrachtian Commonwealth (Full member state)

Pacific Association of Micronations (Former Head Commissioner, all member states recognised)

Administrative subdivisions

State Provinces

  • Centrale-Rountenion
  • Enswithc
  • Javana
  • Perservia
  • Swanton
  • Matua
  • Rocksylvia
  • Suvaria
  • Luandrivia
  • Perytus

Eintrachtian administrative municipality

  • Northon

Flag and coat of arms

The flag of the CFR is used and was designed by former president Cyrus himself, it consists of three horizontal bars of white, cyan and blue. The blue bar on the flag represents the Cyrianic waters, the cyan bar represents the Alaskan territories and the white bar represents the Antarctic territories. The previous flag design was a white and black cross on a blue flag, with an emblem at the right corner. A new lesser arms was added to the flag on 22 October 2022 after the dissolve of Eintrachtia-Cyrance.

The coat of arms of Cyrance is the lesser version of the former coat of arms/emblem of the CFR. It features a shield with 4 sections, the 3 stars, the symbol of waves with 4 stars surrounding it, the state flag, and a book with 2 shells on top and below the book. The 4 sections each symbolises the 4 provinces of Cyrance.

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