Dominik Kądziołka

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Dominik Rafał Kądziołka or Cyryl Korneliusz Tuchlin (born on the 18th November 2008 in Nowy Sącz) is a founder of three micronations: Empire of Grassland, Great Empire of Tuchlinasia and Republic of New Poland. From 30 July 2022, Governor and Baron of Nervenston, Austenasia territory.


Dominik Kądziołka was born in Poland in Nowy Sącz. On the Internet, he uses the name Cyryl Tuchlin.

From July 30, 2022, he is Governor and Baron of Nervenston after he donated land to Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia.

Micronations founded by Dominik Kądziołka