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DIME Magazine

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DIME Magazine
TypeIntermicronational magazine
FormatNews magazine
Owner(s)Flag of New Eiffel.svg Statistic-Dime
Flag of Aenderia.svg Curio Publications
Founder(s)Jayden Lycon
Zabëlle "Zed" Skye
Founded22 November 2019
25 December 2019 (first issue)

DIME Magazine (advertised and stylised as dime.)[1] is an Aenderian-New Eiffelic[a] online news magazine that was founded on 22 November 2019. It published a single issue, dated December 2019; though the second unpublished issue originally intended for January 2020 was published in February 2021 as an archive. The magazine was a joint venture between Jayden Lycon from Curio Publications and Zabëlle "Zed" Skye of Statistic-Dime, with Curio Publications holding publishing rights.[2] The two had simultaneously worked together on the 19th MicroWiki Influence Survey. The magazine – based in the MicroWiki Sector – included intermicronational articles relating to politics and current events, interviews, opinions (both professionally and public opinions) and occasionally off-topic reviews; it also introduced the Micronationalist of the Year award, a spin-off to Statistic-Dime's monthly award. The release of the first issue received overwhelmingly positive reception, and the stagnation of later publications elicited numerous expressions of regret and disappointment in the community.


Jayden Lycon from Curio Publications previously published two issues of Curio Magazine between June to July 2018, a magazine that was based around aviation in the sandbox video game Roblox. Further planned issues had to be cancelled following a decline of the industry and budget reductions from Curio Publications.[3] On 22 November 2019, Lycon approached Zed Skye and inquired him about aiding in the creation of a new magazine aimed towards the MicroWiki community, which would be published monthly. Writing for the magazine began on 15 December, originally with a possible release date of January 2020. Skye gave the magazine publishing rights for Statistic-Dime's Micronationalist of the Year, a project he had been developing for months prior. Many articles for the issue were rushed to meet the January 2020 deadline. As the issue neared completion on 16 December, Lycon and Skye decided instead to release the magazine on 25 December, as to coincide with Christmas Day.

Publication history

The first issue, dated December 2019, was published by Curio Publications on 25 December on Issuu – a Danish-founded American electronic publishing platform – and Google Docs, though Curio insisted that readers use the latter. It was extensively advertised by Lycon and Skye on MicroWiki@Discord and other smaller micronational Discord servers. Upon its publication, it was a critical success, receiving numerous favourable reviews from the community. In the issue Lycon interviewed Calvin White, former Prince of Auvenum, about the nation's downfall, and Adam I, Emperor of Adammia, whom had been declared their "Micronationalist of the Year" following a public vote conducted by Statistic-Dime. Lycon had also talked with Fredrick M. in the article "Artifacts".[4]

The second issue, dated January 2020, was never published, and new publications of Dime Magazine were put on definite hold in March 2020; the decision elicited numerous expressions of regret and disappointment in the community. It would instead be released retrospectively by Curio Publications on 14 February 2021, apart of their series called Curio Archives. In the issue, Lycon stated "I do want to restart the dime. magazine but most possibly on a later date since I plan to take a smaller role in micronationalism in the next few months."[5]


Contents page of issue 1

The first Issue consisted of 26 pages, and the second issue published as an archive consisted of 15. The publisher was Curio Publications of Aenderia; the editor was Jayden Lycon. The issues are free and contain no advertising, two premises that Curio Publications would widely advertise.[4] The first issue featured micronational opinions of British Prime Minister Boris Johnsonl who had recently been elected in the 2019 general election a few weeks prior (pages 4–5), an interview of Calvin White by Lycon, former Prince of Auvenum, regarding the nation's downfall (6–11), the announcement of the Micronational Short Film Competition hosted by Skye (12), Lycon and Fredrick M. talking "about the strange stuff they found in their nation" (13–14), a review of business simulation game Transport Fever 2 by Lycon (15–18), an overview of Micronationalist of the Year (19–21), and an interview with Adam I, Emperor of Adammia, the winner of the award (21–25).[4] The second issue featured a report by Lycon on the MicroWiki vandalism spree by the users OIMGov (Hasan Çakar) and Mahuset (Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy) in January 2020, an interview by Lycon with Tomáš Falešník who had recently been made a patroller on the site, and a satirical film review by Skye on a film called "The Treaty".[5]


The second issue, dated January 2020, was never published,[6] and it instead was released by Curio Publications as an archive apart of their Curio Archives on 14 February 2021.[5]


  1. New Eiffel dissolved on 1 November 2020.


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