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Dale Assembly
Legislature of the Dale Republic
Coat of arms or logo
since June 6–7, 2015
Last election
2015 Dale Government Elections
Last election
April 2012 Dale Government Elections

Dale Republic

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Dale Republic


The Dale Assembly, also known as the Dale Montering is the legislature of the Dale Republic, However, is described as a legislative adviser to the people of the Dale Republic by the constitution and meet as part of the Public Consultations in Woking City, on a monthly basis.

Dale Monterings

1st Dale Montering

The 1st Dale Montering originally named the Dale Assembly, took power after the October 2011 Dale Presidential elections which took place between the 25 and 26 October 2011, the elections replaced the Dale Transitional Council. The elections were open to those of the MicroWiki sector rather than the internal dale population due to low number of votable population and problems scheduling an election that would fit in a single day. The 1st Dale Montering was finally dismissed on April 29 by President Danny Clarke after he lost the April 2012 Dale Government Elections. The Dale Montering was originally a coalition government of 3 parties but later became a Woking People's Nationalist Party majority.

2nd Dale Montering

The 2nd Dale Montering was formed as a result of the April 2012 election where the Liberal-Conservative Party won by 4 votes with the former Dale President, Danny Clarke able to retain his seat. The Montering however was short lived after James resigned as president and left politics after handing control over to his deputy, Daniel Townend. Despite an empty seat in the Montering and calls for a by-election Daniel believed as a member of the same party he was able to continue James's term, this claim is disputed by several citizens, including Prime Minister Danny Clarke and independent Presidential candidate in the event of a by-election Oliver Ward.

3rd Dale Montering

The 3rd Dale Montering was formed after a vacant seat, left by the previously resigned President Hunt was taken by Independent Oliver Ward, considered a supporter of Danny Clarke and vice versa. Oliver Ward is also an opposer of Daniel's role as Preisdent and agrees on the idea of a June by-election and put himself forward as Presidential hopeful, the night before Prime Minister Danny Clarke excluded himself from any specualtion that he called a for a by-election for his own intentions to return to the Preisdential seat. Prime Minister Danny Clarke and independent Oliver Ward had been in steady disucssions in private since Daniel took office. On May 14 a by-election took place with former President James Hunt returning to office to continue his original term.

4th Dale Montering

Since the return of James Hunt as President of the Dale Republic. However along with this event was the exit of the Dale Republic's founder and long standing politician from the Dale Republic's politics and only remained to continue in the Dale national football team. Since this event the Dale Montering has been "dead" as described by Danny Clarke, with no political change since James's return to the presidential hot seat. With many recognising that the only thing keeping the Dale Republic active is the Dale national football team.

National Dale Congresses

1st Interm National Dale Congress

The 1st interm National Dale Congress was formed as a replacement of the 4th Dale Montering and were formed as a short term replacement until an election could take place for a 1st elected National Dale Congress. However, this attempt was unsuccessful with replacement legislatures of other Dale-Woking micronations replacing the National Dale Congress.

Dale Assembly

1st Dale Assembly

The 1st Dale Assembly was the first elected government since the reforming of the Dale Republic on the 8th June 2015. However, divisions quickly grew within the population over the level of authority that should be granted to the President with the constitution outlining a largely ceremonial president while the population supported a more executive president, this reached boiling point when Danny Clarke helped lead a coup d'etet against the government and formally overthrowing it, 6 days after its official election. The coup gave the Revolutionary Council of Dale effective authority over the Dale Republic, the coup lasted 34 days before a peaceful conclusion was made, leading the state to a reunification of its population under one flag. However, the reunification also lead to an effective state of anarchy before proposals were put forth to the holding of a new eletion to elect a new 3 seat government for 3 miniterial positions for Internal Affairs, External Affairs and Culture, Media and Sport.

Provisional Dale Assembly

In order to end the extensive period of anarchy and lack of government authority in the Dale Republic it was agreed that a Provisional Dale Assembly would be established in the run up to new government elections using the new government structure which saw 3 seats, each of which will be responsible for one government department, that of Internal Affairs, External Affairs and Culture, Media and Sport.

Members of the Assembly

Title (if any) Name Since
President of the Dale Republic Danny Clarke November 13, 2015
Minister of Internal Affairs Ciara Palmer November 13, 2015
Minister of External Affairs Danny Clarke November 13, 2015
Minister of Culture, Media and Sport James Hunt November 13, 2015


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