Dale Republic (2011-12)

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Dale Republic
Republic of Woking
  • Dayul Rapupulk(dr)
  • Rapupulk oph Vokyn(dr)
  • Repubblica di Dale(it)
  • Repubblica di Woking(it)
  • République Dale(fr)
  • République des Woking(fr)
  • Dale Republik(de)
  • Republik von Woking(de)
Coat of arms
Motto: We stand for Woking, we are Woking
Anthem: Ode To Joy
and largest city
Woking City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentSemi-presidential Republic
• President
James Hunt and Danny Clarke
LegislatureNational Dale Congress
Establishment26 October 2011
• /93,500 census
CurrencyGreat British Pound
Time zoneDCT(Dale Central Time)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Dale Transitional Council
Surrey Democratic Republic
Grand Empire of Knaphill

The Dale Republic also officially known as the Republic of Woking, and is a English micronation situated in the Woking borough, Surrey. It is a Semi-presidential Cohabitation Republic comprising of 3 districts. The Dale Republic is completely surrounded by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The republic replaced the Kingdom of the Dale Empire on the 22nd of September 2011. The Dale Republic replaced the Kingdom of the Dale Empire on September 22, 2011 and it claimed territory in America, Canada, Venezuala, China, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, South Africa and the United Kingdom. The Dale Republic is a member of the Organisation of Micronational Ambient Protection, Atlantis-Woking Cooperation Council and the Woking Cooperative Union. After being inactive over the month of August it was agreed by former President, Danny Clarke and current President, James Hunt that they would work together for an overhaul of the Dale Republic.


The name "Dale" was first used for the Kingdom of the Dale Empire, with most of its territories, which had its name originating from the name of the road where the Kingdom of the Dale Empire was founded and where the capital of Dale City was located.


Before 2011

Before the Dale Republic and the former Kingdom of the Dale Empire was created, all of its territories belonged to the macronations of which they were originally claimed from.. The English Dale regions, which were called the Dale Kingdom, had all it's territory from the British county of Surrey, and mainly surrounding the town of Woking in the north west of the county. In Britain the area of Woking is a Conservative Party safe seat where they have been elected every election since the Woking seat was created in 1950. The trritory was designated as such as it was formed in 1895 as an urban district under the Local Government Act 1894. The present-day borough was established in 1974 under the Local Government Act 1972, and is one of two districts in Surrey to retain the boundaries of a single former urban district (the other being Epsom and Ewell). It is also the only district of Surrey not to have a boundary with a district of any other county.

Kingdom of the Dale Empire

History of Dale
Pre-Dale History
England (927 - 1707)
Kingdom of Great Britain (1707 - 1801)
United Kingdom (1801 - 2011)
Dale History
Kingdom of the Dale Empire (22 May 2011 - 22 Sept)
Dale Transitional Council (22 Sept - 26 Oct)
Dale Republic (2011-12) (26 Oct - 26 Oct)
Grand Empire of Knaphill (21 Oct - 26 Oct)
Surrey Democratic Republic (26 Oct - 2 Nov 2012)
Republic of New Dale (21 Mar 2013 - 18 May)
Dale-Westland (11 July - 18 May 2014)
Dale Republic (2 June 2015 - 29 Feb 2016)
Dale Commonwealth (1 Mar - 9 Nov 2016)
Dale Portal

Historic dale is believed to have been founded in either 2008 or 2009 and very little else is remembered about this early micronation even though it's king has not changed between historic and former Dale Kingdoms. This means that historic dale as its known to be is believed to have been founded 3 years before the former Dale Empire. The Kingdom of the Dale Empire or Dale Empire was a absolute monarchy which claimed territory in 7 different countries across the planet. It was ruled by King Danny Clarke I from the 22nd May to the 22nd September 2011. Between the 7th and 8 September 2011 there was a poll on the MicroWiki forum which was to decide the future of the Dale Empire on whether it was to remain a monarchy or to become a republic, However because the poll ended as a tie it was left to a random name selector which selected the Dale Republic to be the victor of the political change.

Dale Republic and 2012

Two days before the switch over from the Kingdom of the Dale Empire to the Dale Republic the Dale Transitional Council was founded to test an internal election to see if the election would run correctly just by dale civilians. The First two parties for elections were the Woking Independence Party and the Conservative Party for the Dale Republic. The former Kingdom of the Dale Empire was the co-founder of the Triple Alliance however it quickly ended with the Dale Empire moving to MicroWiki. The Tiple Alliance was refounded with Burkland replacing Voltar as a member of the Triple Alliance. When the Holy Dallmark Empire was kicked out of the Triple Alliance for an "offencive rant toward the MicroWiki community" they were replaced by Westsylvania. The three had decided not long later to expand the Triple Alliance and found the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization.

The Dale Republic which replaced the Dale Empire as a member of IMTO has a strong level of influence in the organization and has been considered within the Dale Republic to have the strongest in the organization especially when the caretaker president of the Dale Republic, Danny Clarke became the first Secretary-General of IMTO giving the Dale Republic even more influence in the organization. Clarke resigned on December 17, 2011 to allow Alexander Eastwood to make needed reforms after Hamlingate, only to leave the organization in the following January. On the 12th of November 2011 it was announced that the Dale Republic would if there was interest in the idea create the Dale Commonwealth which would allow members near full autonamy however they would have to intergrate their military into the Dale Armed Forces and adopt the Dale Republic Pound as their official currency which would be included in a economic intergation. The first country declearing they would join the Dale Commonwealth was westsylvania but only after the Westsylvania War was over, which President Danny Clarke accepted as a fair agreement.

2012 Republic

Within the first month of 2012 the Dale Republic began to prepare for new reforms which would change the structure and map of the republic, with most reforms being in time for the April elections. The highest priority reforms to be completed for the elections are the voting and political party reforms, these early roforms were completed by late February 2012. However, whether or not the voting reforms are successful is not possible to be determined before the April elections. On April 2, 2012 Westsylvania was suspended from the Dale Commonwealth for failing to cooperate with the Dale Republic's requestes to withdraw from the Perejil-Iran War. The Dale Commonwealth was quickly replaced with the Woking Cooperative Union giving its members far greater freedoms.

In the April 2012 Dale Government Elections the then preisdent, Danny Clarke failed to have his second term and lost out to Liberal-Conservative Leader James Hunt. However, becasue of political pressure upon him during a public vote over the possiblity of a national coalition as many people believed that this would give the now Prime Minister, Danny extra powers he had no intent in gaining. He as such decided to resign as President and gave power to his deputy-leader Daniel Townend. While some considered that Daniel should organize a by-election he considered that he was to complete the 7 month term with only 2 days taken away. He continued to refuse to allow a by-election even after independent Oliver Ward announced he wished to run for the position and Prime Minister Danny Clarke announced that he had no intentions of becomeing the President of the Dale Republic again until the political structure of the Dale Republic is sorted.

On May 14, 2012 Danny Clarke resigned as prime minister and elections are along the way. On May 16, 2012 James Hunt was re-elected as the President of the Dale Republic after a by-election was forced by Danny Clarke to end what he considered the end of Daniel's interm period. However since then the Dale Republic as only been active because of the Dale national football team, this has been recognised by citizens and politicians as completely true for the case of the Dale Republic and has brought into question the future of the Dale Republic after the Polination Games. After the Polination Games were cancelled the Dale Republic fell into a state of inactivity over the month of August but a deal was made by Danny Clarke and President James Hunt to have a overhaul of the Dale Republic's Political system and fix the issues found earlier in the year.


Located in southern England, the Dale Republic has a generally flat or low ground level, with no official highest point in the republic because of its low terrain through out the micronation, as such this makes it difficult to find and note the highest point and at there are considered to likely to be multiple places within the republic with the same of similar hights. Within the Dale Republic there are multiple public grounds and several national parks. The one of the national parks within the Dale Republic is Horsell Common which spreads the majority of the Horsell district and is well known for its role in the book War of the Worlds. Some of the public grounds within the Dale Republic includes "The Lye" located in the City of St. John's, Woking Park located in the Kingfield district and Goldsworth Park which is located to the north west of Woking City and is a civilian area of the community of Goldsworth Park.

The Dale Republic's environment is monitored by the Department of Enviromental Conservation but the grounds and national park is mainly protected by the British government. The Dale Republic's recycling is handled by Woking borough but is promoted by the Department of Enviromental Conservation, and because of this the Dale Republic recycles 70% of all of its waste, one of the highest in the British Isles, even though this is because of British authorities the Dale authorities try to help promote and endorse this pro-environmental ideals of the Woking people.

The one major waterway in the Dale Republic is the Basingstoke Canal (Sometimes called the Woking Canal when it passes through the Dale Republic) which runs though the center of the Dale Republic and passes the capital, Woking City. The biggest lake within the Dale Republic is the Goldsworth park lake which is located within Goldswoth Park, north west of Woking City and north of the City of St. John's and is connected to the Community of Goldsworth Park and Goldsworth Park.


Dale Republic

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Politics and government of
Dale Republic


The Dale Republic is a parliamentary, representative democratic republic. The National Dale Congress is the government body of the Dale Republic. The National Dale Congress has three seats. The Congress is held within the Dale capital of Woking.

The president is the head of state and is invested primarily with representative responsibilities and powers. The second highest official is prime minister and is invested primarily with internal responsibilities and powers as head of government. The two current political parties of the Dale Republic are the Woking People's Nationalist Party, the first ruling party as a successor of the Woking Independence Party, and the Liberal-Conservative Party a smaller and far less political party, however possibly more popular with the large sporting community of the Dale Republic.


The Dale Self-Defence Army and Dale Republic Police Force are collectively known as the Dale Self-Defence Forces and officially as the Dale Republic's Self-Defence Forces. The two forces are managed by the Department of National Security, chaired by the National Security minister. The Dale Republic's National Security Forces are used within the Dale Republic for defensive porposes. The 2012 Dale Republic national Budget for the Dale Armed Forces was limited to £340 GBP or £3400 DRP making up 58% of the national budget, the highest expenditure of the budget.

The Dale Self-Defence Forces are armed domestically by Woking Defence Systems which supplies the Dale Self-Defence Forces and internationally supplies the Tiana Defence Forces. Woking Defence Systems was given £70 GBP or £700 DRP to supply and develop weapons for the Dale Self-Defence Forces and the Tiana Defence Forces. Law and order in the Dale Republic are handled by two government sectors, The Dale Republic Police Force, a section of the Dale Self-Defence Forces, and the Dale Justice Court which tackle crime within the Republic's borders with the more serious crimes being handled by the Surrey Police. Law and order is handled by a single legal system unlike that of the United Kingdom's legal system for scotland, England(including Wales) and Northern Ireland.

Foreign relations

The Dale Republic is a founding member of IMTO, and a full member of OMAP and a former member of the defunct Dale - Berin Union, this was because Berin joined the Nemkhav Federation, the Dale Republic and the Republic of Berin had before this move strong and expanding relations which had since slowed before ending. The Dale Republic keeps close ties with some of it's allies including Burkland, Westsylvania, Kingdom of Juclandia and the Kingdom of New Anglia. The Dale Republic holds its closest ties with the Republic of Atlantis and Westsylvania, of which the Dale Republic tries to further and expand its relations with the Republic of Atlantis.

Administrative divisions

The capital and largest city is Woking City located in the centre of the Dale Republic and has a total population of 62,000, of which none are official citizens of the Dale Republic which has its population existing in the surrounding areas. The Dale Republic includes the Community of Goldsworth Park, classed a community, this is a status given to a large community of civilians which are large enough to be classed as a city but lacks the correct infrastructure for the community to be given city status.


Science and technology

The Dale Republic has a developing technological and scientific research area and develops this mainly through its military development. Woking Defence Systems is the leading defence contractor in the Dale Republic and develops military equipment for the Dale Armed Forces and Tianan Revolutionary Defence Force. The Dale Republic does intend to place a higher focus in technological and scientific development. The Dale Virtual Space Agency allowed the Dale Republic to compete experiments around gravity and aerodynamics before the agency was shut down, there are believed however to be intedtions on restarting the agency with model rockects and investing in Egtavian technology and developing similar projects from aerial reconnaissance and Meteorology., this would likely happen in the Horsell district and possible make it possible to see over the Dale-British border from Horsell Common.


The Dale Republic is strong on the promotion of itself and the greater development of tourism to Woking City and the rest of the Dale Republic. The Dale Republic has created the Visit Woking tourism board which promotes the Dale Republic. The Dale Republic uses its nature reserves, community areas, Cinemas, galleries, modern buildings and historical castles and other structures. Typical tourist aeas in the Dale Republic are Woking City, Brookwood and West Byfleet, all connected to the British rail system making them easy to reach compared to other areas in the Dale Republic. Woking Football Blub and Kingfield Stadium, used by Hayes and Yeading Football Club until October 2012 ment that a reguler crowd of football fans entered the Dale Republic to visit Kingfield Stadium. The Polination Games also allowed a group of micronational were to visit the Dale Republic to watch the two football matches involving the teams of the Dale Republic, DES Senya and MicroWiki's own multi-micronational football team.


A census of active Dale citizens are not deemed necessary because of the Dale Republic's small population. However a census of non registered citizens is taken every ten years by the british government within Dale Republic claims. A majority of the Dale Republic's active citizens are located in the former Woking district, and a minority are located outside the Dale Republic's claim. The majority of the Dale Republic non registed population is located in Woking City, the Community of Goldsworth Park and the Town of Knaphill. The Dale Republic also has one official languages, English, the official communication language of the Dale Republic.

Leading population centers
Rank Populated area Metro area pop. Districts
Woking City
Woking City
1 Woking City 62,796 Woking district
2 Community of Goldsworth Park 12,000 Woking district
3 Knaphill 10,062 Woking district
4 Byfleet 6,995 Kingfield district
5 west Byfleet 5,054 Kingfield district
based largely on the 2001 UK Census



During the Dale Empire's cultural development, it was decided that the Dale Empire would begin to a sports provider. The name agreed was Dale Sport or DS. Dale Sport is used for news about sport in the Dale Republic, and provides post match interviews after Dale National Football Team matches, Dale tennis matches and even Dale golf matches. Dale Sport will also report on sports news within the Dale Republic, and will comment on what the Dale Republic does in sport outside its borders against other micronations. Commentry for the Dale National Football Team and for other Dale Sports are hoped to be transmitted via twitter, with post match interviews hoped to be posted on Youtube. Media in the Dale Republic is regulated by the Dale Broadcasting Network.

Along with the establishment of Dale Sport, it was also decided that the country would begin to design and organise a national news service.The name of this news service is the Dale News Agency (DNA). This news service is expected to be run privately. On the 9th August, the king of the former Dale Empire made the news provider temporarily nationalised until a private owner was confirmed, however, the Dale News Agency remains nationalized in the Dale Republic.


Sport is very important for much of the Dale Republic and its population, and is the largest area of focus for the Dale Republic with current President, Danny Clarke, using it as a way to improve Dale influence and culture, the Dale Republic has also gained some sporting fame for the Polination Games. The Dale Republic also has founded it's own football league, the Woking Football League, which replaced the Woking League a virtual league. However the Woking Football League gained little focus with its citizens which largely took no notice of the league.

Other sports in the Dale Republic which have popularity but lack a national sport largely responsible for a lack of intermicronational interest in the sport include, cricket, rugby and american football. However, a national cricket team was agreed to be founded but little progress had been made because of focus on the Dale national football team, Polination Games and lack of intermicronational participants in the sport. The Dale national football team has a small rivalry between them and other Surrey micronation Rukora, when the two teams do compete against each other a football it is called the Surrey derby.


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