Kingdom of Dalton-Arika

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Kingdom of Dalton-Arika
Ker'nusijdpili pilfra Dahswpilnu-Ahwer'kah (Daltonese)
Kernusḱat Daĺtona-Arikëǰ (Arikan)
Coat of arms
Motto: Brotherhood Peace Unitary
Anthem: Nuahwer'pilnuahs ahnuwädei pilfra Dahsẅpilnu-Ahwer'kah
CapitalDalton-le-Dale (Central Dalton Ködenuwwahs Dahsẅpilnu)
Largest cityDalton-le-Dalton (Dalton)
Saríćevo (Arika)
Official languagesDaltonese, Arikan
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
• Queen
Patricia I
• Minister of Defence
Pete Leventis
LegislatureDaltonese-Arikan Assembly
Establishment2012 (reestablished in 2013)
CurrencyDaltonese-Arika Myson
Time zoneDepends on region
Preceded by
File:Daltoneese Reich.png Dalton

Dalton-Arika, officially the Kingdom of Dalton-Arika, is a union of Dalton, and Arika located in the British Isles, the Netherlands and the Kuril islands and Antarctica. It was refounded on 1 January 2014 after being dissolved when the Arikan government banned non-Greeks and non-Orthodoxes from the Arikan government, the Federal government of Dalton-Arika then demanded that the Arikan government allowed people of "all ethnicity, race and religion" into their government. Shortly after the Daltonese-Arikan government stopped claiming Arika. However, the peroid of Arikan terra nullis was short as Agrikesh then claimed East Arika (uninhabited Arikan Kuril Island territory) as their fifth country. Dalton plans to reannex West Arika, a region of Arika surrounded by the State of South Carolina, West Arika is where the Arikan leaders and population is based. The Agrikeshic claim was later given up by the Agrikeshic government.


The name Dalton-Arika coms from Dalton and Arika the 2 member states.


Dalton-Arika was founded when the Elefthfrian state of Arika merged with Dalton to become a constituent country in New Canada. Although the name suggested the nation was made up of two distinct states, it actually consisted of three with the addition of a smaller state known as Cowenhasse as well as a de facto Federal District. Dalton-Arika expanded rapidly, expanding from the original Daltonese territory on the island of Great Britain, to territory in the FYROM, South Carolina and the Kuril Islands. With the addition of Arika as well as the FYROMian land, Greek and South Slavic culture was introduced to the Daltonese people, and slowly started to phase out the original culture of the Daltonese people. After the break up of Arika, a successful project to reinstate the original culture of the Daltonese people was founded.

Dalton and Arika reunified when the heads of governments of both nations decided to reform Dalton-Arika.