Daniel Brown

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Daniel Brown (born 26 March 1991) is the current Commander of the Morkskovian Royal Army. His allegiance is to the Kingdom of Morkskovia, of which he is one of the founding fathers, and one of King Heath's closest colleagues.

Early life

Daniel Brown was born on 26 March 1991, in the U.S. state of Virginia. He grew up in the city of Richmond. His childhood was filled with school studies, as well as athletic activities, which he continues to this day, being the powerful man and commander that he is. At an early age, the commander was very interested in Greek mythology, an interest he continues being interested in to this very hour. Since childhood, his move from Richmond to the Kingdom of Morkskovia has impacted his life very greatly. He has been influenced by the great philosopher Socrates.

Foundation of Morkskovia

Being one of Morkskovia's founding fathers, Brown has been of great importance to the Morkskovian people. He and King Heath are the most powerful men in the country, which was founded on 14 December 2008; however, being incredibly religious men, they do not take their power for granted, nor do they abuse such power. Commander Brown and King Heath each have their own regiment within the army. Commander Brown's specialty is the discus. Along with King Heath's regiment, the regiment comprises the two most powerful regiments in the army.