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Commonwealth of Daragonia
  • Scots:[Commonweal ae Daragonie] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
    Welsh:[Cymanwlad Wlad Daragon] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
    Scottish Gaelic:[Co-fhlaitheas Daragònea] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
Coat of arms
Motto: Fur 'e fowk, ae 'e fowk, conter 'e tyrants!
Anthem: Do You Hear the People Sing?
Official languagesScots, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic
GovernmentSemi-presidential parliamentary republic
• Pendraig
Malcom Conner
• Primier
Mr Bean
LegislatureCynulliad Cenedlaethol
Establishment13 March 2020, 00:24
• Census
CurrencyPound Sterling (de facto)

Daragonia, officially the Commonwealth of Daragonia was an online micronation. Daragonia did not lay claim to any physical territories or to actual sovereignty from any United Nations member state. Daragonia had been described by former Primier Iacof ap Antoni as "an expression of creativity."

Daragonia was a semi-presidential parliamentary republic. At the time of its dissolution, the nation was under a Republican Peoples Party-National Bolshevik coalition government lead by Primier Mr Bean with Malcom Conner as the nations Pendraig prior to its dissolution. The nation falls under classification 7 on the Boodlesmythe-Tallini Classification, making it a 7th world nation.


The name is derived from the title of Mab Darogan (The Son of Destiny), In Welsh folklore Mab Darogan is prophecised to force the English out of Britain and reclaim it for its Celtic inhabitants. Many historical and semi-historical figures have been referred to as "Mab Daragon" King Arthur, Owain Glyndwr and even Henry Tudor. A literal translation of Daragonia would be "The land of destiny".


Founding of Daragonia

In the lead up to and after the march 2020 Caudonian election, tensions were high between the left-wing and right-wing groups of Caudonia. Many arguments and controversies arose from these campaigns. The dissolution of Caudonia, or ejection of the Scots Party (Caudonia), seemed like real possibilities and as a result, the 2 main Scots, Malcom and Iacof, decided they should create a backup server. Thus, Daragonia was born. The country was founded on the 13th of March 2020.

Constitutional convention

On the 15th of March 2020, the Primier created the "Constitutional Convention" and invited all Custodians of the Republic to help draw up the nation's constitution. Initially, the convention was chaired by Iacof ap Sidwofsci, but Luna Lyieovich soon came to chair the convention. The convention lasted from the 15th of March until the 19th. In total, 9 citizens took part in creating the constitution, bill of rights and code of law.

Provisional government and first elections

Creation of the provisional government

When Daragonia was founded, it was decided between Malcom and Iacof that Malcom would be the provisional head of state and Iacof would be the provisional head of government. However, it would not be until the 22nd of the march that a proper provisional government would be formed. Iacof chose 4 members of the constitutional convention to take up roles in his government. HarveyTB, an independent Liberal, became the Minister of Information. Luna Lyieovich, a member of the Republican Peoples Party and De Leonist took the position of Minsiter of Culture. Ben Evans, the then leader of the Conservative Party of Daragonia and a National Conservative, would be appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, and finally Pavel Popotov, a RPP member and Democratic Socialist would become the Minister of Defence.

First elections

Daragonia would have its first judicial election (and its first election overall) on the 24th of March, which would see Andrew West, Abraham Leonard Keefe and Larry Lowe become justices on the Supreme Court of Daragonia. The election was overseen by a committee headed by Iacof ap Sidwofsci and Ben Evans, the leaders of the only 2 registered parties at the time. On the 27th of March, Daragonia would have its first Presidential election, which would see Malcom Conner get elected with 94.1% of the vote. His opponent Valerian Starm Aetheling would become inactive in Daragonian politics after only receiving 5.9%. The election was overseen by the Daragonian electoral commission headed by Justices Andrew West, Abraham Leonard Keefe and Larry Lowe. Finally, on the 2nd of April 2020, Daragonia would have its first parliamentary election. The Republican Peoples Party gained 2 seats in the National Assembly, the Daragonian National Party (formerly the Conservative Party of Daragonia) gained 2 seats and an independent, Mr Bean, gained 1 seat. The RPP and Mr Bean would form a coalition government however Mr Bean would later go on to officially joined the RPP.

Foreign relations

Daragonia has very close relations to the nation of Alatonia as they both founded by citizens of the Principality of Caudonia. The relationship between Daragonia and Alatonia is quite an ironic one as both use the title of "Commonwealth" yet one is a Secular Republic and the other is a constitutional monarchy with strong protestant links. They both also share ties to Wales and more broadly the culture of the British Isles. Daragonia has ties to Caudonia as well. Though they both had rocky relations in the past, however, after the signing of the Sailsbury agreement on the 9th of May 2020 relations stabilized.


Daragonia currently is a semi-presidential parliamentary Republic. Elect members of the countries legislature, the unicameral Cynulliad Cenedlaethol, are able to pass laws and edit the constitute. There are sections of the constitution such as the universal rights of the citizens of Daragonia which are un-alterable by members of the Cynulliad.


Daragonia can be considered a culturally Celtic nation, or a hybrid of Celtic cultures. 2 Celtic languages are official in the country alongside the Germanic language Scots. Many titles, such as Pendraig, are derived from Celtic terminology and bardic sayings. Remnants of Caudonian culture can also be seen in the country such as tin some aspects of the discord servers layout and running jokes in the community.


There are a number of news outlets in Daragonia. Republican weekly, the party organ of the Republican Peoples Party. theRedStar, a far-left newspaper operated by Abraham L. Keefe. The Daragon Patriot, a right wing nationalist newspaper. The Daily Bean, a satirical newspaper operated by "Mr Bean" and Radio Larry, a Radio Station operated by Larry Lowe, intended as an unbiased news outlet to keep the nation informed.

National holidays

The government observes a lot of holidays that are deemed to be of cultural or historical importance to the citizens of the nation. As of 4 May 2020, there are currently 17 national holidays.

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