Democratic Left of Caïd

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Democratic Left of Caïd
PresidentAl Restor
General SecretaryFauno Gos
SpokesmanGanduli Flors
FoundedOctober 2016
Membership (2018)5
Democratic Socialism
Political positionLeft
National affiliationPSDC-EC (2016-2018)
International affiliationSocialist International
Seats in the Parlament de Caïd
1 / 8
In the coalition with PSDC

The Democratic Left of Caïd (Catalan: Esquerra Democràtica de Caïd) is a political party created by caidanian members of catalan parties like CUP or ERC, in 2016, after the dictatorship. The movement has been considered to be socialist and republicanist.

In 2017, the party forms a coalition with the Social Democratic Party of Caïd for the 2017 elections.


The creation of the party arose from the Ateneu Popular de Caïd, where cultural and political activities were carried out by people close to the Catalan CUP party. At first they thought of presenting themselves with the initials of the CUP, but when adding different currents to the project they decided to discard that name, initiating an independent party project.

In the elections of 2017 he appeared in coalition with the Social Democratic Party of Caïd to try to organize a united front of the left. In the local elections of 2018 the party does not participate, asking for the vote for the social democratic party.

Electoral results

Election Number of seats in the Parlament de Caïd +/-
2 / 8
In coalition with PSDC
1 / 8
In coalition with PSDC