Democratic Monarchy of Zephyrila

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Democratic Monarchy of Zephyrila
Seal (2).gif
Coat of arms
Motto: Viva la Monarchia, il flusso può Zephyrus
Dallas, Texas
CapitalZephyr R.D.
Largest cityZephyr City, Zephyrila
Official languagesEnglish (de facto)
GovernmentDemocratic Monarchy
LegislatureRoyal Zephyrian Senate
Establishment17 March 1976
• Census
CurrencyU.S. Dollar
This nation is a member of OAM

Zephyrila, officially the Democratic Monarchy of Zephyrila is an territorial micro-nation, holding claims in Texas, New York State and also officially claiming the Bir Tawil quadrilateral and the Hala’ib triangle between The Arab Republic of Egypt and Republic of Sudan. The capital is Zephyr R.D. which is currently being bid for and organized, meanwhile all national affairs happen in Dallas, Texas. The nation was established in 1976 by H.R.H King Montgomery Gauger and is now led by H.R.H King Jordan Gauger and Prime Minister Preston Seanessey.


The name Zephyryila is derived from the Zephyrus, the Greek god of the west winds. While the name is not an offical word, the countries name is defined as: A west wind of knowledge, freedom and hope. The name was officially adapted in March 1977. The patron saint was also selected based on the name Zephyr for the Catholic population.


Zephyrila was inspired by the Principality of Sealand founded in 1976. H.R.H Montgomery Gauger gathered a small group of people (what we know today as the Framers) in a small lake house in Lake Kiowa, Texas to found a new nation that would claim areas in Texas, New York and California. The Framers' voted on preliminary acts 1001 through 1008 which provided necessary framework to found the nation. The nation went dormant upon the death of Montgomery Gauger in the 1990's. However, upon finding documents of the early nation, H.R.H. Jordan Gauger took necessary action and seized control and re-established the nation to the world.


Zephyrila is a Democratic Monarchy, which is a mix of a Representative Democratic- Republic, and Absolute Monarchy, which means the People elect a Prime Minister who makes the decisions along with the King. The Prime Minister is head of the Zephyrian Royal Congress, a Unicameral House of elected Representatives. However, the Prime Minister is considered second in the decision making process in Zephyrila. The Zephyrian Royal Senate is made up of 20 elected Representatives and the is headed by the Prime Minister. The ZRS creates and votes on the nations laws for approval by the Monarch.