Democratic People's Republic of Agrova

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Agrova Democratic People's Republic
Republica Popular Democratic Del Agrova (Interlingua)

República Popular Democrática De Agrova (Spanish)

Народна-Дэмакратычная Рэспубліка Агрова (Belarusian)
Flag of Democratic People's Republic of Agrova
Coat of arms of Democratic People's Republic of Agrova
Coat of arms
Motto: "Для добрага агульнага" (Belarusian)
For the good common
Anthem: "Gloria a Agrova"
and largest City
Agrova city
Official languagesInterlingua
Recognised national languages
Recognised regional languagesIndigenous Languages ​​of Mexico
Other languagesBelarusian, Esperanto
GovernmentPresidential Republic, Dictatorship Governed by a single political party
• President
Jesús Hernández
LegislatureGovernamento De Agrova
Sovereign state
• Declaration of Independence
29 March 2022
Currencyruble Agrovian (₽)
Time zoneUTC−05:00 (Eastern Time Zone)
  1. Successor Nation:Federation of Tasmesir

The Democratic People's Republic of Agrova (Belarusian: Агрова, Народна-дэмакратычная Рэспубліка) or Socialist State of Agrova (Belarusian: Сацыялістычная дзяржава агрова) is a virtual micronation that declares its independence from Mexico, its territory is in Minecraft is also only a parody a The Socialist Nations Today.


The head of state is the president/dictator who can approve laws, institutions and decrees without modifying the construction. He can also call a conference with the owners of the Agrova Socialist Party

Political party

The Socialist Party of Agrova (Belarusian: Сацыялістычная партыя Агрова) is the ruling party of Agrova, it was founded by the same President of Agrova who also controls the Socialist Army of Agrova

Flag of the Socialist Party of Agrova
Emblem of the Socialist Party of Agrova