Democratic Republic of ATR

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Democratic Republic of Annihilating the Rules
Flag of Democratic Republic of ATR
Motto: We all need to eat the pizza
Anthem: The Alreon Epic
LocationIllinois, US
Largest cityMcCarty Elementary School
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)ATR Citizen
LegislatureThe PewDiePie Senate
EstablishmentDecember 10, 2018
• Census
30 (including 3 dogs)
Time zoneCST (Please convert time in your respective time zone)
Does not have web yet. Will be made once micronation reaches 50 citizens.

The Democratic Republic of Annihilating the Rules is a micronation located within Dupage County in Illinois, located in the macronation of the USA. There are small parts in Russia, New York, England, and Egypt, where the ATR has claimed Bir Tawil as a “area”. Hence, it has an area of 138.36 miles.

There is no permanent capital of the ATR. The capital is moved wherever it is convenient,

The ATR was founded on December 10, 2018, as a way to “destroy the rules” at McCarty Elementary School. On December 11, the leaders were chosen. Exactly a month later, the President and Vice President changed jobs.

It is consisted of three territories, each consisting of at least one house and other areas. There are 8 citizens, along with 22 other people who are “Honorary Defenders of the Homeland”.

The ATR was formerly a communist state which had democratic elections, but is now a democratic republic. The current government includes Lord Alex as the President, Lord Revanth as the Vice-President, and Lord Orion as the Secretary of State.

The ATR is governed by three Senators, but every single kid of the population is a Vice-Senator. The Vice-Senators can suggest ideas to the senators, who will consider it. If ⅔ of the Senate votes the suggestion, the suggestion will be confirmed.

All 30 citizens are part of the military, which is mostly used for skirmishing other kids and defending against teachers. This applies to all areas, including in Illinois.

On February 21, 2019, three parties were founded, each controlled by a founder of the ATR. Lord Alex started the Founder’s Party, Lord Revanth started the Fortnite Party, and Lord Orion started the I’m Blue Party. They will run against each other in the March 2019 election.

Etymology of the motto

The motto is "We all need to eat the pizza." This is what the flag represents.

The motto was born when Alex thought of it as a good metaphor. "It's comparing the freedoms that we want with a pizza, and the ATR's mission is to get everyone to get their pizza slice."


Before ATR

McCarty Elementary School opened its doors in August of 1989. Students determined that the mascot would be a mustang and the school colors would be black and white. The ‘Mustang Song” debuted at the building’s dedication on October 22, 1989. In 1994, the Spirit Council members voted to add red as an accent color to the black and white already established.

— Official McCarty Elementary School website

Lord Alex and Lord Orion arrived at the school in 2013, while Lord Revanth arrived in 2014.

Establishment (December 10–11, 2018)

The ATR was established on December 10, 2018, at the lunchroom of McCarty School, as the Democratic Soviet Socialist Republic of Annihilating the Rules. It was founded by the Lords as a way to destroy the rules at McCarty, which were unfair and unjust.

The next day, the main provinces were founded, Khudozhnikov, I’m Blue, and Rhejihalo.

War against McCarty (January 9, 2019 -)

On January 9, 2019, Alex and Revanth were sent to the principal for writing a hate letter to another student. After this incident, the War against McCarty was declared.

The War against McCarty is attacks against the government of McCarty Elementary, lead by the Principal, Kevin Schnable. It is in its second month.



Any person of any religion can join the ATR. There are 2 Global Churches, for any praying.

There is a Global Church located at Lord Alex’s house called the St. Max Church. The church is situated on the same spot where Lord Alex’s dog died of colon cancer in 2015.

The other Global Church is located inside of McCarty Territory called the St. Savage People Church. It is outside on the USA map. It is dedicated to the other savages who have gone through McCarty’s doors, as well as all savages throughout the world.



The Government of ATR is a democratic republic where anyone can vote except for banned people. It used to be a “Soviet Socialist Democratic Republic”, but changed into a Democratic Republic.


There are only 3 Lords, Revanth, Alex, and Orion. These are the original founders of the ATR, and they will be the Lords until another person makes a “significant contribution to the ATR”. The Lords are the ones who make parties.


The President has the power to:

Ban people from the ATR

Create new provinces


There are 3 provinces in the ATR:



I'm Blue