Democratic Republic of Lihohia

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United Lihohian Confederation
  • Scottish Gaelic:[Co-chaidreachas Lihohian Aonaichte] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
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Flag of Lihohia
Coat of Arms of Lihohia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Libertatum Libertas Lihohia
Anthem: No anthem
CapitalSkara Brae
Official languagesEnglish, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish
GovernmentNationalist Capitalist Dictatorship
• President
Niall Andrews
• Independent from Scotland
5th February, 2022
• Estimate
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zoneGMT 0
Driving sideleft

The United Lihohian Confederation, or just Lihohia for short is an independent sovereign state commonly referred to as a micronation by outside observers is located in Scotland and was founded on 5 February 2022.


Lihohia was founded as The Blanc Hill Social Movement of The People of Blancistan after it entered into a civil war with the Blancistani Republicans. It came in a stalemate with the Republicans after The First Battle of Blancishire on the 5th February 2022. On the 15th February 2022, after reforming it pulled out of Blanc hill and attempted independence in Littia-Parkia as The Lihohian Socialist Republic. It attacked Blancishire once more in a second battle. Once again there was a stalemate. Around 45 minutes later, The Treaty of Blancishire was signed, giving The Lihohian Socialist Republic independence.

However, on February 22 Blancistan would break the treaty, occupying south east Lihohia. Lihohia saw this as an act of war and re-took the land with no battles.

At some point during March, the exact date isn’t known, Lihohia would reform into the First Lihohian Republic. It would be inactive throughout March but be back in April, with an age of unstableness and revolution occurring.

During a visit of President Niall’s cousins to Lihohia, war would break out, with the Kingdom of Backyardia declared independence,

Backyardias king, who will be refered as J, declared independence. He picked up a stick, as did President Niall. They fought with the sticks until the rebellion surrendered later that day.

The previous year, in June 2021, there had been a rebellion, known as Littia who had attempted to fight Lihohia (Then Nueva Esocia)

and Blancistan (Then known as Backyardia) and failed. However almost 1 year later The Kingdom of Littia would declare independence and attack Lihohia and Blancistan again. The Littians where pushed out of Lihohia and surrendered after they lost most of their occupied territory. However, to stop this from happening again Littia kept independence with land in Blancistan.

A week after The Third Lihohian War, J returned and once more attempted to declare independence for Backyardia, the exact same thing happening. This was the last time Backyardia would attempt a revolution.

After instability from the revolutions, the First Republic was dissolved and replaced with a consulate, which would declare war on Eponia in support of Pochehova, after the consulate the Second Republic did the same, as did the Confederate Kingdom.

after the confederate kingdom dissolved Lihohia wasn’t around for 4 days until the Third Republic was declared on July 21. It started off like the last 2 republics, a capitalist dictatorship. Until it became Fascist, starting the Fifth Lihohian War, also known as The 2 hour War. It started with Hernandia declaring war on Lihohia, with the ELM joining on Hernandias side. After 2 hours of conflict The InterMicronational Treaty was signed, ending the war in a Hernandia-ELM victory and dissolving The Third Republic.

The Fourth Republic would then be declared, once more a capitalist dictatorship. It would once more declare war on Eponia.

On 30 July 2022, Lihohia would declare war on East Barselka to help the West Barselkan war effort in the Barselkan Civil War. On August 1, 2022 Lihohia would pull out after West Barselka fell to the East.

On 5 August 2022, Lihohia and Blancistan United once more, forming the United Lihohian Confederation. President Niall of Lihohia is still president and minister of foreign affairs, while President Jake of Blancistan is Vice President.

The Confederancy would go on to support Pochehova once more however aside from that it is also helping Barleskan revolutionary’s.

On the 5th August 2022, Lihohia declared war on The Kingdom of Littia. On the 9th August 2022 Lihohia annexed the neutral zone. It further invaded mainland Littia. The war would have no battles.

Current State of Government

Lihohia strives to become a more stable nation in the future, as it has had over 7 months of government changes. The confederation has been took as a good sign of stability. First President Niall Andrews has stated Lihohia will become more Democratic in the future, he is currently considering making the government more of a republic with elections every 3 years or so. If this will become a reality or not it is hard to tell, although there is a chance the Vice President, who is a strong believer in Federal Democratic Republics, will have a major role in any transition to a republic, however only time will tell.



•First Lihohian War (5–15 February 2022)


•First Lihohian War (5–15 February 2022)

•Second Lihohian War (22 February 2022)


•Third Lihohian War (10 April 2022)

•Second Littian Rebellion (11 April 2022)

•Fourth Lihohian War (17 April 2022)


•Eighth Eponian-Pochehovan War (8 May - Ongoing)


•Eighth Eponian-Pochehovan War (8 May - Ongoing)


•Eighth Eponian Pochehovan War (8 May - Ongoing)


•2 hour war / Fifth Lihohian War / Lihohian Fascist Skirmish (21 July 2022)


•Eighth Eponian Pochehovan War (8 May - Ongoing)

•Barselkan Civil War (27 July - 1 August 2022)


•Eighth Eponian Pochehovan War (8 May-Ongoing)

•Lihohian-Littian War (9 August 2022)

•Barleskan Revolution (1–11 August 2022)




•Littian Autonomous State


Lihohia is allied with: