Democratic Republic of Luxe

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The Democratic Republic of Luxe, colloquially known as Luxe, is a self-declared soverign entity commonly known as a micronation by outsiders. Luxe is a micronation located within the Italian city of Trento, and was established in April 2016, with its history dating back to 2009.

Democratic Republic of Luxe
Flag of Democratic Republic of Luxe
Coat of arms of Democratic Republic of Luxe
Coat of arms
Motto: Ut ab heri, hodie, in perpetuum.
Anthem: The Marriage of Figaro
File:Southern Europe, Northern Italy
CapitalLuxe, Governatorato di Luxe
Largest cityLuxe
Official languagesItalian, Dialetto Luxese, Quenya Language
Demonym(s)Luxesi (Luxesi)
• President
Luca mirante
• Premier
• Internal Affairs
• External Affairs
EstablishmentJuly 2009
• Census
CurrencyLoid (L)
Time zone(UTC: +1:00)
Preceded by
Stato oligarchico di Luxe
This country is a member of U.M.S..


The Democratic Republic of Luxe is a nation founded in the summer of 2009 in Trento. The origins of the name are not known, which are believed to refer to the name of the President, Luca; incidentally the name in French means luxury.


The Begin

2009, Luca Mirante founded a hypothetical city in his room. establishes shops, banks a municipality and also appoints streets. The city also has fractions, Vicolo and Bussolino, plus other areas of his apartment. In 2012 he decided to take a step forward, he founded the Oligarchic Republic of Luxe and twins with another state of his neighbor, Franci city. Then he will help establish two more states, Emilsang and the State of Alux; he thus founded the UMS (union micro-states) to gather together a union between these nations.

The first war

In 2014, Luxe had known her "best friend", Franzlandia, that was founded the same year. The relations between the two states were the best of all the U.M.S. and so they became regional powers. This was possible thanks to a great collaboration in the economic and military fields that allowed the two nations to influence community decisions in their favor. But one day, the Franzlandiese government accused the Luxese government of exploiting the alliance under the table and considered it a dictatorship, decreeing the termination of relations. A few days later, during a training session for the PallaTennis men's national team, Franzlandia suddenly attacked the team. The army was forced to intervene, so the First War of U.M.S. began, at the end of which Franzlandia had to pay a heavy indemnity to Luxe.

Indipendence Declaration

In 2016, the president wanted to take another step; on April 18, Luxe gained independence and was a national holiday. Before, in fact, no official act had been implemented with which the nation proclaimed itself free and was forced to pay a large sum of money, thus causing a slight economic crisis. The act did not cause particular clamor, in fact for some time Luxe had been recognized by the other micronations as independent and in fact the national activities were self-managed. The copy of the declaration of independence is still available in the national archives.

The "Boom" Years

The boom years, also known as the Great Two Years, represent the period from January 2017 to January 2019, during which Luxe saw its fame grow nationally and internationally and saw a net increase in citizenship, allowing the launch of new institutions and activities, the most important of which the Parliament of Luxe, ministries and various sports competitions. They are also known for the numerous successes obtained in the military field and the numerous new diplomatic relations established. Among these, the one with the state of Angarb stands out, founded by Andrea Garbini , who then obtained citizenship and became a public figure in Luxe as well. But if on the one hand the term boom indicates something positive, on the other it is an onomatopoeia to indicate the wars fought. Angarb herself, on the wings of strong development, began to pose presumptuously towards Luxe and the prime minister, unbeknownst to the head of state, presented a declaration of war. This unconstitutional act caused an internal crisis in addition to the war already underway and Luxe exploited this crisis to collapse Angarb from the inside without using the army. This event will be remembered as Sabotage to Angarb and will decree the immediate end of hostilities and the consequent annexation of the state. In the Summer, Franzlandia felt the final blow after another diplomatic crisis and through a text message sent to the president's private cell phone, war was declared. This ended in a short time and was won with a single battle; in fact it is called the War of Two Hours and decreed the division of Franzlandia between Luxe and Fabroland

The Constitution and the Diplomatic Period

At the end of the war, the government decided to begin the final publication of the constitution taking all the articles published in previous years and merged them. In 2018, Luxe known the republic of Damazia and Luca Mirante became honorary senator. After the delcaration of indipendence of Chelandia, Luca Mirante has been reteared from senator, causing tensions between the two governments. Ever in 2018, Lorenzo Valente, prince of Tawil, has contacted the president of Luxe for making an alliance between the states. Luxe accepted the invite and for 6 months Tawil and Luxe were friendly. Chelandia and Tawil joined the U.M.S.. On instagram, in ocktober, Luca Mirante known the president of Astana, Andrea Grassidonio and the United States of Astana joined into U.M.S. too. For the moment, the new diplomatic set-up seemed mostly solid, but not for long. After few weeks, Luxe known CMSIT, a state that Luca Mirante has defined racist for the discrimination of any etnic communites. Chelandia and Tawil wanted to let in CMSIT but Luca Mirante refused. The states accuse he for dictatorship and Chelandia, Tawil and Astana leaved the U.M.S. and had founded the Union of Italian Micronations. Luxese intelligence intervened against CMSIT and was disrupted for the damage caused with the operation called La guerra degli 11 minuti. Was started the Cold Crisis of UMS. Astana decide to declare war to Luxe and it begins The War of Umni Against UMS and after few weeks, Astana declares the peace. After the war, Astana declares wars to Luxe and after 3 weeks of battles, Astana declares peace. Astana and Luxe firmed a treaty of allegiance and the italian communists micronations falled. The parliament of Luxe, in december 2020 saw a government crisis, why the general Andrea Garbini and the prime minister Giulia Benedetti left Luxe and the parliament was angry. After few votations, all is resolved and Luxe is in peace. When Astana Became a kingdom, Luxe hit the country with sanctions for the treaty, but astana refused to pay them and closed the rapport with Luxe, the parliament closed the embassies of Astana in Luxe.

Government Crisis and Pandemic

In January 2020, the government says that in 2 weeks there is the parliamentary elections. After this event, the Partito Democratico Forza Luxe lost his supremacy after 3 governments, achieved by Partito Social-Democratico. However, there are 4 seats each, so a coalition must be born. However, the party president refused to realign himself with the PSD, so in the fourth government in fact no one rules. Despite this, the democratic party has also lost the presidency of parliament, in fact Filippo Abramov has become the new president, removing the place for Elias Rafael Rivera Guerra. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, government activities have encountered quite a few problems. Luxe has promoted joint and sporting activities at national and international level and has implemented several summer events to keep the national identity firm. At the beginning of 2021, the general elections were postponed to September and the parliament in any case finished its mandate, leaving the reins of the executive to the president who is currently working on national crisis. Up to now the government has taken part in many online campaigns of all kinds trying to promote the activities and recently there is nothing more than Aranthaia Affairs.


Luxe at the beginning, having very few citizens, possessed an oligarchy headed Luca Mirante. Over time and after Luxe's ​​declaration of independence, it became a democratic republic. After the reform of May 30, 2019, Luxe became a parliamentary democratic republic.


The Parties are fort the first time, created in 2012, with the "Luxe cresce" for the Crisi dell'Armadio. Are important because the citizens can join into the politic of the nation. The first no-democratic party was the Partito oligarchico Fino alla Luce founded by Alessia Mazzurana. The most important partys in Luxe are the Partito Democratico Forza Luxe, Partito Comunista Luxese, Partito Sakura, Partito SPQR.

Seats in the Parliament of Luxe

Party Logo Party Leaders Ideology Representatives
Forza Luxe (FL)
2021 forza luxe.jpg
Luca mirante Sovranism
4 / 10
Partito Social-Democratico (PSD)
Filippo Abramov Socialism
4 / 10
Partito Rimini (PR)
Partito Rimini.jpg
Marco Severini Communism
1 / 10
Coda del Gatto (CDG) Coda del Gatto.png Giulia Montano Ambientalism
1 / 10

Parties out of the parliament

Party Logo Party Leaders Ideology Representatives
Partito Sakura (SK) Partitosakura.png Giulia Benedetti Social Democracy
0 / 10
Partito SPQR (SPQR) Partitospqr.png Francesco Dispenza Absolutism, Monarchism
0 / 10
Workers Party of Luxe (PDL) Luxeworkersparty.jpg Manuel Rosati Communism, Marxism
0 / 10
Monarchist Party of Luxe (PMo)
Gabriele Clemenzi Monarchism
0 / 10

The Government

Parliament has no physical form, but is based on the internet. The official site is at Luxe as the server is located there. The government has two offices, one in Luxe and one in an unknown area of ​​the foreign governorate, which is the ministerial seat. The Luxe government has a direct line with the other governments U.M.S. not by mobile phone but through a non-traceable service.

Council of Ministries

The ministry is the body that represents all the ministers of the republic. The absolute Prime Minister of Luxese was Vladimir Piasente. A minister deals with a particular "topic" of the state, such as Luxe Defence Minister deals with managing the army and other military bodies. To date there are many ministers, increasing interest in this role in the population. The term of office of a minister lasts 3 years but can be dismissed or dismissed during the term.


Is the chief minister of the whole republic and is the representative of the whole ministry. He is the head of parliament and has more power than the president. Participate in national and international meetings and it is a very important role from a governmental point of view. He convenes the Council and is its greatest exponent.

Internal Affairs


The Minister of the Interior can be defined as a "Second Prime Minister", as he deals with matters and internal problems in the state. Generally it deals with the prevention of protests, talking with citizens, solving the problems of the Governorates and, if necessary, may request an intervention by Intelligence Luxese. He is also the head of parliament and is called to manage the counting of votes and the proper conduct of parliamentary sessions.

Foreign Affairs


The foreign minister is in charge of the relations between the state and others, but he can also intervene in all foreign cases concerning a citizen or the state. Although it is mainly the president who is summoned for meetings and more, the role of this minister is not to be underestimated as he replaces the president when he is missing or when he is unwell.



Very important as the internal and external defense is highly valued despite the numerous criticisms. The defense minister is in charge of the military budget, the security apparatuses and other. It is an essential ministry, so each legislature must appoint a defense minister.



The Minister of Health is responsible for managing and enacting the rules governing the protection of the health of citizens of the Republic. This role is one of the most sought after, 2 health ministers have followed at Luxe. During the wars, the ministry managed resources for the soldiers and provided various kits. During the Covid 19 pandemic, various regulations and events were handled.



Although the ministry of sport is one of the optional ministries, governments have always valued and appointed a minister, as citizens are very active from this point of view. It deals with the promotion of events, the management of sports federations and the national register of athletes.




The territory of Luxe (the current capital) was the first to be annexed to the state and the republic takes its name. in 2013 began the construction of infrastructure, shops, sports fields, banks, ministries etc. Today it is the home of Governatorato di Luxe and is the richest territory


Name Flag Territory Year of institution Representative Citizens
Governatorato di Luxe
Bussolino Bussolinoflag.svg 3 mt2 2010 Luxe 1
Entra Mira Entra mira.svg 4 mt2 2016 Luxe 0
Governatorato di Secondo Luxese
Secondo Luxese Secondo luxese.svg 4.5 mt2 2016 Nicola Tomasi 1
Governatorato di Luxe Nord
Sotto Luxe Sotto luxe.svg 22 mt2 2019 Luxe, Italy 15
Governatorato di Luxe Sud
Duosia Luxe sud.svg 96.4 mt2 2017 Luxe, Italy 12
Franzlandia Ovest Franzlandia luxe.svg 10 mt2 2017 Francesco Gigliotti 2



The Luxese economy is very developed. It is based on technological commerce and exports paper as a raw material. The paper market, according to a survey, is equal to twice the needs of the entire nation. Other exported products are cotton, basil and handicrafts. With few imports and many exports, Luxe is a highly self-sufficient state. Almost all the Luxe companies, which are listed on the stock exchange, in which citizens can sell or buy shares. Another key factor for companies is the numerous bets on the stock exchange, which determine numerous winnings for GDP growth. An investigation carried out on April 30, has decreed that a total of 273,400 Loid were produced at Luxe.



The Loid is the official currency regent since 2009 of Luxe. There are two generations of these notes. the old generation and the current generation. The old generation was designed and cut by hand on green pieces of paper with 4 L in the corners and in the center the value of the banknote. The new ones have a waterfall effect with the luxese flag and were created using a graphic tablet and are brighter. The value of a Loid vechia generation was equal to euros, but now 10,000 loid are worth 1 euro.

Gdp pro capita

On May 1, 2019, the state's GDP was calculated for the first time, which is equal to 4,834 Loid Pro Capite (excluding online payments) which makes it one of the highest in Europe. It is a great achievement considering that Luxe has changed the old Loid a few months ago, recovering them all; Banknote production is medium-high.

The Stock Exchange

The Luxe stock exchange was founded in 2018, from an idea of ​​Luca mirante. To date, shares have been bought equal to or greater than 5000 Loid; the highest ever recorded was that of 15,000 Loid. The Elec and Banca di Luxe S.p.A. are the first and have been battling for months. It has no official seat, in fact you can invest online in the Luxe Wasthapp group and the statistics are sent every month. This has meant that numerous companies of entrepreneurs were born with the intent to buy the most prestigious companies.

Technological Development

The government has always shown itself open to technological development over the years, wanting to make the capital (and other governorates) always at the forefront and automated. The greatest example is that of Luxe, which is about to receive the Luxe "Smart City" award. In the east, the government has provided a new office laptop, a google home that welcomes tourists to the republic, an EPSON wifi full-hd printer, a google smart-tv receiver, which via google home the transmission of video, switching on and off and more can be requested ... There is also a led lamp and a smart multi-color light bulb controlled electronically.


The Luxesi culture is very varied; in fact, due to the variety of citizens' nationalities, the different traditions meet. However, the state has maintained neutrality regarding the various traditions while protecting freedom and valuing differences.

Official languages

The first official language of the republic for Italian, which is spoken by the whole population. In 2010, the inhabitants wanted to create their own language, simple to learn, to break away from Italian culture. The Dialetto Luxese was created, which was discreetly published from 2010 to 2014. This language is now spoken by a few individuals, but it is still one of the official languages. On November 16, 2019, the Partito Democratico Forza Luxe proposed in parliament, to make the republic more special and also because citizens are fascinated by the fantasy genre and role-playing games, Elven Quenya one of the official languages ​​of Luxe. With 6 votes in favor and 1 against, on November 17, the official announcement was made and numerous guides were put on the market.


The map of citizens nationality

The Luxese population is well known locally and nationally, for its patriotism and for its great willingness to join this project. The different nationalities of citizens make Luxe a multi-ethnic state. Luxe touches 4 continents due to the origin of its citizens: Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Kind of citizen Total number of citizens Number of citizens residents Electoral rights
Cats 1 1 X mark.png
Dogs 1 1 X mark.png
Humans 79 7 Yes check.png

Most citizens are Italian, but there are also Algerian, Tunisian, Moroccan, Ukrainian, Russian, Indian, Cuban, Colombian and Ecuadorian minorities.


Peso a luxe.png

There is no fixed health system in Luxe. However, a minister is in charge, Alessio Carraro who has the task of managing the small rescue centers present in different areas in the territory. In case of extreme need, the Luxese population uses Italian hospitals. The citizens are almost totally sporting and there are no characteristic diseases or genetic changes in the area; sport is practiced a lot and most people are of normal weight. Life expectancy has not yet been calculated as at the moment no citizen has died yet.

Video Games


At Luxe, video games are played almost entirely by males, who have different varieties of favorite games. Popular but not too much is Fortnite, Borderlands, sports games like FIFA or NBA, but the most played is MINECRAFT. All male citizens have at least one copy of this game, be it mobile or console. The most owned console at Luxe is the Nintendo Wii, which in the past has depopulated, but now the PlayStation 4 is also increasing. Relevant are the Nintendo 3DS and DS and a small minority, it has XBOX 360.



The phenomenon of recent times, by girls, is the reading of manga. The manga (and others of Japanese culture) are the most read books at Luxe, also due to the almost total lack of reading by the boys. In second place, however, are Fantasy Books and Current Books. Books are very important to the nation and are read by nearly two thirds of the population. They are sources of inspiration for institutions and for collective creativity.

First Lady of Luxe

The character of the First Lady is a role that has no governmental power, but acts as a national character. At the US side, Luxe does not matter and its role is not present in the constitution or in any code. Participate in events, sports organizations and programs.


Luxe finances the sports sector a lot, in fact its national teams are among the strongest in Italy and in Europe. National sport is Pallcanestro, but the most popular sport is football. The state has in fact a national football team and has a championship and the federation is the LFF. Other sports are pallatennis and athletics.



Football is a highly developed sport at Luxe; the federation is the LFF and hosts a championship with 4 teams. Luxe also has a national team, the Nazionale di Calcio Luxese. There are 4 teams in the Championship, the Lega A Elec.


Basketball is the national sport of the state and is also quite practiced, but no availability was found to create teams and found a championship. The state has a federation (FLP) and also has a national Team.

Other Sports

There are so many sports practiced by citizens, but they have not had much relevance at national level. In the past the PallaTennis was very popular, but now is unpopolar. Anyway, Luxe has got yest a federation (FELUPA) and a national team.

E-Sports FES

There is a federation of E-Sports too! It was found on the 25/03/2020

Security Services

Police Corp of Luxe


The corp, founded officially in 2019, is the most operative in the state. Its origins date back to 2014 and throughout the history of Luxe they have proved to be very important for surveillance or intervention operations

Esercito Luxese

The Luxese army is the state's main military service. he fought four wars and is now used exclusively for state defense.

Intelligence Luxese

Luxese intelligence is the body that deals with espionage services, anti-terrorism operations and more. The service is piloted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Luxesi.

Guardia Presidenziale Luxese

The presidential guard Luxese, is part of the Intelligence Luxese and is the military body in charge of protecting the president and other very important people.

Special Forces of Luxe

The special forces of Luxe entered into force on 1 July 2019, after a vote in parliament. They are a group of soldiers involved in the incursion and theft of information in enemy territory. They have been placed in parliament by the Partito Democratico Forza Luxe.

Foreign Relations

The Luxe Republic is recognized by all national and international states and is very keen to establish diplomatic relations. the first reports occurred with Franci City, which together with Luxe founded U.M.S..

Below, the table of all the states with which luxe has established diplomatic relations, treaties, alliances and other:

Name Flag Now Under Cape of State date
Diplomatic Relations
Franci City Franci City.png Sociable Diplomatic Relations Francesco Dispenza 2010
Stato di Alux StatodiAlux.png idle Diplomatic Relations and a lot of minor treaty Alessandro Berlanda 2012
Emilsang Emilsang.png Diplomatic Relations idle Emil De Luca 2011
Most Serene Empire of Azzurria Flag of Azzurria.svg Diplomatic Relations Friendly Fabrizio I 2018
United States of Astana Astana.jpg Peace Treaty, a lot of minor treaty Sociable Andrea Maria Grassidonio 2018
Repubblica Democratica Campana Flag of Campania.svg Treaty of Alliance Sociable Mario Castaldo 2017
Repubblica di Spartinium Spartinium.jpg Diplomatic relations Sociable Michele 2019
United Land of Noastan Noastan flag.png Treaty of Alliance Sociable Unkown 2018
Rojia Rojiaflag.svg Economical and military union Active His Majesty Maximilian I 15/01/2020
Gosland Gosland.jpg Treaty of Alliance Active unkown 28/03/2020
Fabroland Fabrolandflag.svg Treaty of Military Alliance Active Fabrizio Bortolotti 2016


International Memberships

UNION Flag From Type Foundator Note
U.M.S. Ums2.jpg 2010 Economical, Diplomatic and Military Union Yes -
Union Against Micronational War Union Against Micronational War logo.png 2018 Diplomatic union no -
Union De La Paix Uniondelapaix.png 18/11/2019 Diplomatic union no -
OMU Omu.jpg 2018 Diplomatic, military and economical union yes -
GUM Alliance GUM logo with text.png 24/11/2021 Permanent Observer no -


The embassies are in great demand by the Luxese government, but the other states are unable to pay maintenance fees. This means that in Luxe there is only one embassy. The government is proceeding to set up embassies in developing countries U.M.S..

Embassies in Luxe

As mentioned above, Luxe there is only one embassy: that of the United States of Astana. During the War of Umni against UMS the embassy was abandoned and the citizens were disgusted by the sight of it. Now Astana is depositing documents inside.

Embassies of Luxe in other nations

The first embassy opened by Luxe is in Astana. The embassy has only a representative role of an alliance with Astana. the conditions are not recognized by the Luxese government. Currently, Luxe is negotiating with Fabroland to open an embassy in Fabboa. Another project is that of an opening also to Franci City

Territories recognised as Sovereign and Independent

Media and Information

The logo of the news LIFE

The Media in Luxe are a lot; many informations were given in the official whatsapp group of Luxe, but there are other media too, like the Life News, the Tele Luxe and the Redazione Luxe. The government made an official website of Luxe where there are a lot of information on the State. Luxe have a youtube channel too, but it's not much used.


The tourism is medium-high and there are a lot of point of interest in Luxe:

The Park of the Arch


The Park of the Arch is the point most visited in the state; it's in the south part of Luxe and it consists in a garden with some special trees, flower and insects.

. . . . . .

Micronational Classification

System of Classification Classification notes
Boodlesmythe-Tallini 5th World Bricks and Mortar, Small, Statehood
Dresner's System 3
common micronation
A very average micronation, they exist en masse. No need to ignore them, but they probably aren't very special or interesting. Often it is hard to tell the difference between them, and if they stay at this level for a long time it is probably because of a lack of population, time, effort, and/or interest.
Freayth's System 5.3
influential and advanced micronation
An influential and advanced micronation.
Generalized Nation Score Not calculated
Linden's Revised System 3.6
average development
Once here, it is quite difficult for the nation to fall back down unless it becomes inactive
Matthew's Democracy 3.75
Fair democracy, needing improvement
Skywalker's Composite System 6.16
Universal Nation Classification 4.0 Very Good Structure, Is known by many micronationalists in their local community

Seals and official documents

The state, like any other, has several seals that distinguish it. Citizens have passports and identity card.

Seals of State

The Luxesi status seals are quite popular in U.M.S. and are very different. the most common is the emblem of the city of Luxe, which represents a shield (in the original version, also an inscription). Other popular in the state are the coat of arms of ministries, such as that of the Ministry of Defense Luxese.


Micronationalism in Luxe

Since 2020, an ideology has developed developed by famous people who have not maintained their fame. Recently Vladimir Piasente, one of the most famous Luxesi characters in history has threatened the government with an invasion to establish his own pro-dictatorial government. The state in question is known as Dictatorship of Luxe and is of course not recognized by the government, which has also placed a bounty on it by making it outlawed. In addition, intelligence sources say that Piasente does not have an army but it can be a threat on its own. Many hunters have not followed in his footsteps and are providing information to the government about him.


People wanted by the government

Below is a list of people wanted by the government, therefore with a prize on them:

  • Luxeflag.svg Vladimir Piasente - Organized criminality, uprising, corruption, dangerous for the state


With the law of October 13, 2019, promulgated by Partito Democratico Forza Luxe, every citizen has a heraldry, representing his family and according to his characteristics and his occupation.

The heraldry of Luca Mirante

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